Do We Need "Drone Control" More than Gun Control?

Do We Need "Drone Control" More than Gun Control?

Wave to the drone as it flies overhead.

The passengers on a recent Alitalia flight could have, according to CNN, as one of the unmanned craft passed within 200 hundred feet of the airline on approach to landing at John F. Kennedy airport, in New York.

Aside from the safety aspect of having recently acne blemished controllers, just  graduated from game counsels, piloting these ever multiplying drones, across the sky and over your house, there is the privacy issue.

Naomi Wolf, certainly no far right wingnut, is warning of the "attack of the drones" and what it means to your slowly shrinking personal freedoms.

Seems everybody is stocking up on these cute little things: police departments, sheriff offices, businesses and government at the local, state and federal levels, all in the name of protection, encouraged by the loose restriction on what they can be used for (warrants? who needs 'em), and spying, spying on you. A lot of the reasoning is drone use is being done for protection of the Homeland. Kind of has that Vaterland ring to it.  We know where that can go.

Attorney General Eric Holder says that he can see no reason one cannot be used to kill a US citizen that is a threat to the "Homeland". Currently, drones are unarmed as they cross paths with your kite and 747's over the US, but that could change.  Or maybe it has already?

As the number of drones increase, you will see the price go down. Classic capitalism at its best.  Anybody can get one, then.

Some less dangerous but creative uses for drones can be:

  • Use by your spouse or SO to see if you're cheating
  • Drone advertising, with banners flying behind
  • Drone employee compliance, with the company drone following you from work site to site
  • Drones to track your kid, to make sure he's not parked and making the car rock
  • Drones as kites: it's about time we quit depending on wind power alone
  • Drones to deliver Christmas presents, replacing Rudolph.  Simply drop the load over the house

There was a day not so long ago, back when George W. Bush would come out from behind White House walls and mumble a few things and completely confuse everybody, then disappear.  One of those mumbler moments was about wire taps.  He caught hell for authorizing wire taps on on American citizens suspected of talking to terrorists abroad.  The media and the progressives were all over GWB like...well, like,  drones. 

Now, with President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder kind of liking an increase "security" state, the same media and progressives seem to have lost their distaste of being watched.  It used to take big expensive satellites to keep a spy eye in the sky, but no more.   Soon you will be able to assemble (and arm) your own.  And the big buzz is about gun control.  How about drone control? 

When the next drone buzzes your barbeque get together next summer, just wave and know that you are on very candid camera.  Who knows, it could be your neighbor piloting from his couch, upset that he wasn't invited; or it could be Holder and Company, making sure that the food you're grilling is not too fattening and a threat to national security via  obesity.

Either way, neighbor or Homeland Security, the drone could be armed, and you might be in the crosshairs.

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