Obama Ramps up Bush Police State

Oh, yes.

Remember the hue and cry over President Bush wanting to listen to conversations of suspected terrorists communicating with individuals in the United States.

I'll be some of you do, some of you right here on this site, who were probably "outraged" about it.

You hoped that it would change under President Obama, and it has.  The spying and data collections on Americans suspected of no crimes -- terrorist or otherwise-- have been stepped up to a level unthinkable just five short years ago, according to Wired.com

I don't expect any reaction, as outrage seems to be quite selective here.   Why, this information in the hands of such a revered man here as President Obama will never be misused.  It is for our own goods.  Oh, the true believers.

But read the article for your own information, just to see what President Obama, though Attorney General Eric Holder, may want to know about you.


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