The "Civil War" ends November 06-- Will it be the "Takers" or the "Makers"?

The "Civil War" ends November 06-- Will it be the "Takers" or the "Makers"?
The End

Soon we are going to know the results of about one hundred years "civil war" assault on the country's original values.

In an ironic turn-about, President Obama represents the "rebels".  This "rebel yell", gone on since the dawn of the Progressive Age, is, essentially, "Where's mine", meaning what will the government do for, create, pay for, direct, protect a person from, to, or against.   President Obama represents the apex of Progressive thought and desires.  He believes, as does his base, in better and bigger government, with more direct involvement in a person's life.  He sees no problem in regulating, say, light bulbs.

Governor Romney represents the last visage of what America used to be, a people that understood the role of government in a free society.  Even Romney, however, has to pander and bow to the ingrained beliefs of the last century or so, that it should be the government that provides a "retirement" cushion and a medical "cushion", no matter how Ponzi-like these schemes are, and no matter the real doubt that either will be around in another ten years.  Romney even has vowed to keep aspects of ObamaCare.  Whether he believes in all the above or in economic liberty and personal freedom, is sometimes questionable.

Romney represents the last stand of the "makers" in this country.  He is up against an army of "takers", lead by a general who does not believe that individuals can "build" much of anything, were it not for a road or bridge constructed outside their place of business.   For Romney to get any takers  to come over to his side would be a miracle, for once the takers start taking they take as much as they can for as long as they can.  Why not?  It's "free".

If Obama wins, it will be a pyrrhic victory.  Four more years of spending and fundamental social changes --just what Obama promised in 2008-- and the takers will find that there is nothing left to take, and that they have sold their souls to the federal plantation, which just collapsed and burned.

This is the march to the sea.


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