National Empty Chair Day, September 06 2012 --Put Yours Out

National Empty Chair Day, September 06 2012 --Put Yours Out
National Empty Chair Day, September 06, 2012

On September 06, 2012, President Obama will accept the Democrat Party nomination for President of the United States.

They will be nominating a man who has played over 100 rounds of golf, taken about 20 vacations, and has generally been missing in action, except when it comes to fundamentally changing America.  Which he promised to do.

He has been gone from his Oval Office chair  while the country suffered terrible economic hardship, while soldiers died in Afghanistan and Iraq,  and even absent from his own  Jobs Commission.

Got a chair?

Put it out where people can see it.  Keep it empty.  Show us if you wish. Facebook

Maybe you can put it in front of your house that is underwater or in foreclosure, or in front of that business that you did not build.  Maybe you can even put it at the grave site of a soldier who died while President Obama was going for par on that last hole.

President Obama's chair has been empty in the Oval Office.

Show him you have, indeed, noticed.




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  • Funny stuff. But quite overlooked in the Affair d'Eastwood last week was the fact Reince Priebus was insulted by the whole thing. After all, he was the official Empty Chair of the Republican National Convention. He worked hard for that position, and he wasn't going to give it away for nothing to Obama.

  • In reply to SkitSketchJeff:

    There are enough empty chairs around for both parties. We just have an Empty Chair in Chief, who has not "built" anything during his term but has deconstructed.

  • Let's put this in perspective:

    President George W. Bush spent a total of 1,020 days, or 2.79 years, on vacation. As of August 17, after 31 months in office, President Obama has taken 61 vacation days. At that point in office, President George W. Bush had spent 180 days at his ranch. Over his two terms, President Bush spent 1,020 days, or 2.79 years on vacation.

    After the election, I hope you can get back to business and focus less on politics and more on "Rare Slices about Chicago's People, Places, Things & Events" -- these types of posts are brilliant!

  • In reply to hocke41181:

    Dear hockey41181, the real difference is WHERE the vacations were spent. Going to a ranch that you own paints quite a different picture to a suffering nation and to soldiers than jetting off on a "date" to NYC with Michelle and hanging out in Martha's Vineyard with movie stars, or luxing about at nice diggs in Hawaii.

    President Obama has a nice mansion here in Hyde Park, which Tony Reztko helped him purchase, likely illegally. . He could have hunkered down there with the "regular folk". Had some ice cream at the same Baskins near where that horrible statue is of him and the "salt of the earth" First Lady.

    Nice try on wanting me to go back to posting on things about Chicago. You haven't read one regular post. And they are not "brilliant"; that is the real give away. If you are going lie, make it believable, please.

    Do me a favor. Don't tell me what I should and should not focus on, and I will allow the same for you. That is the problem with liberals and progressives; they know better how to live a person's life than the person.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    You seem to forget Governor McDonnell of Virginia. when it comes to knowing better how to live a person's live than the person.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Aquinas, I have no idea what Gov McDonnell has done when it comes to knowing better how to live a life. At this point I do not care. I am sure Gov McDonnell has done something that offends the many victim classes of the United States, about which I do not care anymore.

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