Occupy Chicago wants to Occupy Your Home!

Want to host a protestor during the upcoming NATO summit?

Kyle, at Occupy Chicago,  wants to talk to you.

He wants you to take in some of the NATO protestors who might find the May weather in Chicago a bit hostile to their tender selves.

Among the Professional Protestors will be a group of 800 sent by National Nurses United. Yes, you read that right, 800!  It is not clear if all 800 will be nurses or whether some of the 800 will be Professional  Proxie Protestors.  Some nurses, after all, probably have better things to do than stand around with signs while ding -bats with drums pound on them day and night.

Occupy Chicago is seeking over 2000 places for the Professional Protestors to crash, so if you have room in your house, apartment, church or even in your tree or dog house, Occupy wants to know.  And they want you to house the vermin for free.  Imagine that, a group that wants everything free wants to stay with you for free.  Shocked, really!

Why are  these Professional Protestors of Occupy are not working to support the real  99Percent who are going to have to put up with their noise, traffic disruptions and mayhem, by actually paying to stay in the house or apartment?  Yes, I did use the "P" word.  For those in the Occupy movement, that means to exchange some cash or goods or services for similar.  A foreign concept to them, for sure.

Occupy is all about getting things free, from education to food to housing, but when you see the gear that comes with the average Occupy Drum Banger, such as iPhones, iPods and iPads, not to mention the cars that they zip around in from rally-to-rally, you can not help but wonder if they can't pay  something.  Even a donation to the church,where they are camped out in the name of --well, not Jesus, but Marx-- would be just a token that they do understand that when it comes to sharing the wealth it means them, too.

Apparently, the media outlets in Chicago think the idea of turning dens and living rooms into Occupy Flop House  is a grand idea.  They are reporting the story, and giving out the Occupy phone and contact for Kyle.  The media are treating Occupy like a charity.  Give your housing to the occupiers... here is the number.   Do your part.

Nothing surprising, I suppose.

Most of the media are transcribers for Big Government and Big Protest, so they are just trying to help a brother.

Okay, then, those who are opening their homes for the Professional Protester, such as one dopy landlord in Lincoln Park, why not do the same for the truly destitute or hungry or homeless?  How about the same from the media that are so sympathetic to a bunch of spoiled upper and  middle-class  kids and adults who have nothing better to do than bang a drum and protest the day away?  Take in a smelly bum, Occupy sympathizers and media.  Ha!  Right.

That has about as much a chance of happening as adherence to the Occupy Flop House rules of no drugs or alcohol or not leaving a mess behind.

If you do take in a Drum Banger, just be sure to hide the remote and do not let them play with bombs, as the bridge they may blow up may be the one you are commuting to work over.

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