Mothers are Obsolete

Is it time to call an end to motherhood as we know it?

Are mothers necessary in the age of social networking and care?

Can mothers do a better job than, say, a group of mothers?

Let's look at the situations.  Many mothers have to work.   This isn't the place to go into the "whys" of having to work, but they do.  The majority want to, and that is fine.   A growing number of mothers are trending just like fathers of the past thirty years: towards irresponsibility and neglect. More and more stories are surfacing where the mother becomes the torturer and killer of young children. That is okay, too, if that is what they want to do.  It is about personal freedom, and if a mother wants to commit infanticide or child murder, why should they be stopped?

Perhaps, though, if there were a group of mothers -- a village, let us say-- that could jump in and take over the raising and nurturing,  at a critical moment of high stress, does not this make more sense in today's social- networked world?  Then, the group can take a vote up or down on maintaining the child.  If they can afford to, with government help, good.  If not, there can be alternatives.

Suppose we lived in a world where the government took over  child-care right from birth, sort of a pre-Head Start?  The mother could visit the child, should she want, and have payroll deductions taken from her work check?  Wouldn't this be better?  The child can then learn to socialize at the infant stage and learn how to fit into the way the nation wants things run?  All health would be taken care of for the child, and the child would get three nutritious, approved meals per day.   Education would be free all the way through college and beyond.

Mothers are an outdated concept.  The sooner this is realized the better.  Society has already recognized the decreased value -- if any-- of fathers, and has adjusted the culture and subsidies to that end. It is time for an equal consideration of mothers?  Can't the village, so-to-speak, do a better job than one stressed woman one-on-one with a troubled child?  Of course it can.  We must go back to a village-type setting, even if the village is a very large and impersonal.

Give up mothering for the children.  It is the right thing to do.


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