Is Facebook Over?

Okay, why didn't the NATO delegates just post what they wanted on Facebook?  Or why not the same for the money changers at the  big G8 Summit?

Think of the time saved?   Think of the "friending" that could go on between, say, President Obama and his new like-minded pal, President Francois Hollande, of France?   Think of the connections?   Obama could post his latest junk food gulping and Hollande could either "like" it or make a comment.  Knowing how the French are, I doubt Hollande would find much to like about a hot dog, or even french fries, for that matter.

Last week, while the stock market was heading south, the media --new and old-- was filled with stories about Facebook and the dawn of a new era of  virtual connectivity,  and the public offering of FB stock.   Almost one billion people are now boring their friends on Facebook, and even though old technology, such as car-maker GM, cannot find a way to make ads work on FB, it is still the future.

When the market closed on Friday, the FB initial stock offering had pretty much been a wash.  Sure,Mark  Zukerberg is now a much bigger one percenter, but those who thought they would take a quick ride up and flip the stock, are kind of in shock and facebooking their BFF: "OMG!"

Well, FB stock may rise after all.  Especially if the whiz-percenters can find a way to make something that exists in virtually  profitable.

I just think the FB offering and value is worth a comparison to the Google offering.  The difference may be that FB can serve up what people post about themselves, whereas Google can dig up dirt that most want hidden under the carpet.  That is  worth a premium on Google stock.

Come to think of it, that is probably what is happening at G8 and on Monday at the NATO summit.  The world-class bores and bullies will get to blather about each other and those not invited to the party, and none of it will be going on their Facebook page.

Reality may still bite, but it is not made up solely of bytes, and the juicy stuff is still good to gossip about in person.



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  • You just got spammed. Which answers your first question.

    Being on Facebook only gets you on the "Were talking about" segment on FoxChicago News. Posting a video only gets you on Jimmy Kimmel.

    On the other hand, smearing Castrol on your bodies while lying in the street or heaving junk on policemen gets you footage on every news program, and your lawyer then can get on to say how you were unjustly arrested. All of these, especially the lawyer, are prearranged. Do you really think that out of towners came to Bridgeport just to brew beer, as the Tribune reports their lawyer said????

    As far as the IPO, Zuckerberg was smarter than most. It was said, before and after, that the shares were priced so that the company could maximize its return. Why should the company give away the store to the secondary market? Here, the secondary market didn't even open properly,* and it appears that the first group to buy in the secondary market were suckers to a certain extent.

    Either a company is worth something in the long term, or it isn't. In this case, it apparently was $38/share.

    *Similarly, note that the BATS Stock Market IPO had to be pulled back, because the BATS market itself couldn't handle the secondary trades. Whatever the BATS Market is other than a sign at Kauffman Stadium.

  • In reply to jack:

    And the spam got erased in the time I took to type the above, so since I didn't buy the product, that shows how effective it is.

  • In reply to jack:

    There was human intervention. I can PM you if you are still interested. LOL Otherwise, I'm sure there will be more. Always find the male enhancement ones interesting, because the spammers seem to think that the big lie told over and over again....

  • In reply to jack:

    Jack, you do realize that the tongue was firmly lodged in the cheek, no?

    Like all second-third-fourth rate attempts at humor, there is truth. How much chit-chat about kids graduations can anybody but the most interested grandmother take?

    Kind of knowing the length of time it takes to brew beer, I kind of doubt that the mopes in Bridgeport were trying to best up Goose Island. Who believes anything the media has to say about anything? The information stream of muck and junk floats by like the Chicago River in the 1960's: you get a whiff and it stinks.

    Zukerberg is very smart. He has created a zillion dollar interactive yearbook out of dust and convinced a billion people they have to be there. We shall see if the stock moves into Google or Apple range, but I doubt it.

    Yeah, love the spam. Aren't Occupiers just "live" spam?

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    I don't have the urge to share my every fart on Facebook or the Internet, either, but there must be some way they are making money. Google, also, Yahoo and AOL, not.

    As far as occupiers being "live spam," I'm not sure what they are selling, as opposed to the Nigerians who want you to be a secret shopper.

    Also, Zuckerberg apparently just married a hot Oriental woman, which is, I suppose every Harvard nerd's dream, after the countless billions.

  • In reply to jack:

    Time will tell regarding Facebook, but in some ways I think this shark has jumped. Zukerberg now has enough money to buy a little place for his new wifey maybe set enough aside for a good community college education for the children.

    Occupiers are "live" spam, because they are selling the populist political message of the President.

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