Do You Have Too Much Money? Volunteer for the "Buffet Rule"


Hey, you!  Yes, you!  Joe and Joanna average reader and blogger, city schlub:

Do you have too much money?

Bet you don't get asked that too often.

Do you, though?

Do you have too much money?  I mean, more than the next guy?

If you do, why?  You shouldn't.

President Obama has made a national issue over what Warren Buffett's secretary makes, with the end goal in mind of shaming the people with millions and billions to give more the the government.


I am proposing my own "Buffet Rule".

It is not for millionaires and billionaires, but for what President Obama calls "you ordinary folk".

Here is how it works.

Everybody within a regional area submits their after tax income  figure to the Income Equalization Board (IEB).  Those who make more than the average within the region will have to  pay the difference to the IEB, and those who earned less will receive a check  from the IEB.  Then, all is fair.

This way, when all the equal citizens are lined up at the New Country Buffet, each and every ordinary folk will be able to partake of every single item.  Of course, the Buffet may not have much to offer considering that in some regions the equalized income will mean that the only thing the ordinary folk can afford are rice and peas.



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