So, You Want to Be A Community Organizer?

So, You Want to Be A Community Organizer?
Primer for Change?

Do communities need to be organized?

Some think so.

Barack Obama thought so.

He is now President of the United States.

When "community organizer" is used in the pejorative, it is usually by conservative commentators, and they often refer to the most well known community organizer in the world.

This community organizer called Chicago home.

He organized against the establishment here and became a hero of sorts to so-called working class people.   He organized an entire neighborhood of the city, which at the time supplied the majority of employees for one of the biggest industries in Chicago, the Stockyards.

The smell of the Chicago Stockyards is long gone, but the legacy of Saul Alinsky, the most famous community organizer in the world,  is still wafting through the ether of the internet, where his name is tossed around like tainted currency or his work seen as a gold standard of challenging authority. .

Saul Alinsky has achieved rock star status.

Which is interesting and ironic at the same time.  He was a man who dedicated his life to bucking the establishment.

Alinksy, born in Chicago in 1909, is famous,  is now a de-facto part of the establishment, the same establishment derided by those early rock stars, and Bill Ayers radicals who lived by the the slogan of "questioning authority".  His book  Rules of Radicals , was a bible for the anti-establishment types.

I read Rules for Radicals in the early 1970's.   The book left a lasting impression on me, because it was a blueprint for changing things, and the blueprint was not for the polite or reasoned or even lawful. It was one where the ends justified the means.  In other words, truth be damned.

Truth be damned for...what?

Now the radicals are the establishment.  Barack Obama is the figurehead for the establishment.  He is the embodiment of the state, the man, the accepted  way.  On Chicago Now,  on  television, in movies, and most mass media  you will find the establishment view treaded throughout the contributors, with rare exception.  The sad thing is, they think they are on the outside of the citadel, when they are actually holding down the fort of the same-old-same-old as defined by the last seventy-years of liberal and progressive thought and ideas. want to be President?  You want to be a community organizer?

Read  Rules for Radicals.  Question authority.  Demand real change.  Recognize the real establishment, the radical chic that once sat cross-legged, stoned, and listened and completely mis-understood Bob Dylan.  These are the people that are sapping your freedom in the name of freedom.

Study Saul Alinksy.  Understand the the truth was often a causality in effecting the change he advocated.  Understand the ends justify the means.  Understand that those who read Rules for Radicals some forty years ago are the power brokers.

Then you can become a community organizer in the pure sense.

Then you will have to choose your tactics.



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