Illinois Finishes LAST in the US as Place to Retire

Illinois Finishes LAST in the US as Place to Retire
Scooting out of Chicago and Illinois

It has to be true.  The American Society for Begging, Old, Crotchety People, better known as AARP, has picked Illinois as the worst place in the country to retire. The story is here.

Illinois is a blue, blue state. Chicago is a blue, blue city.  And it's getting bluer....

A lot of geezers and geezettes have known that for decades; hence the condo in Florida or the pastoral mountain home in Tennessee.  Some have even gone to the coasts -- to North and South Carolina.  They were the seers.  They told their families they were leaving because of the weather and how hard it was on that arthritic knee.

The knee wasn't the problem.  Truth is, they knew.

They were leaving and taking their loot and their children's inheritance with them.

Maybe some were politically connected to one of the tangs of the Illinois Combine, which runs Chicago and Illinois politics, and they knew that the big fat juicy promises made to the public sector unions over the last thirty years was about to go as south as the ducks and geese.

They knew the gig was up. They escaped Chicago and Illinois.  AARP says, "good choice".  The poor fiscal condition of Illinois is the reason given for Illinois flat lining on the retirement scale.

More and more are leaving each day.  But this time, the children who want their inheritance are packing up and chasing grandma and grandpa whenever possible. Some have no choice.  They have no job, no savings, and their beautiful house on the curvy street in the burbs or solid bungalow in  Great Neighborhood Chicago is underwater and about to sink into the abyss of foreclosure.

Here is what is coming.

More fees than can be born by any human or dog: red light speeding cameras everywhere and big fees just for having Spot.

Lord Rahm latching onto meager Illinois state tax returns for non-payment of fines to fund jobs --let's here it now-- for da children.

And...those sinking houses: The state oligarchy of RahmMadiQuinn is busy about the task of forcing all funding of school pensions down to the local level.  For those who went to the government schools, it works out like this: House is  valued at $100,000 and the property taxes will escalate to $15-20 thousand per year.  Unless you know Lords RahmMadiQuinn personally.  Then you will be exempt.

Running right behind grannie in her scoot-mobile are the many businesses that cannot afford the corporate tax, fees and graft that is part of doing business in the Land of Obama.

The guy who is selling the "Illinois -- A Great Place to be FROM"  bumper sticker is making a fortune, and Lords RahmMadiQuinn were greedily eyeing his newly  amased fortune, but I understand he lives in Wisconsin---this [] far away from the Illinois State line.

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