Chicago, It's Not Too Late for a Iraq War Vet Parade

Chicago, It's Not Too Late for a Iraq War Vet Parade
St. Louis -- Iraq War Vet Parade -- January 28, 2012 -MSNBC photo

Since I wrote my "letter" to Mayor Rahm  (below) about an Iraq War Vet Parade, on December 28, 2011, St. Louis has held a parade for Iraq War Vets, and supposedly nineteen other cities are thinking of having a parade, including Chicago, according to MSNBC.

Also, since I wrote Mayor Rahm has okayed restarting the South-Side Irish Parade, which I want to remind readers, started with a couple of women pushing their children down Western Avenue in buggies.

St. Louis is an okay city.  It has a downtown that is a wreck, and the state of Missouri didn't know which way it wanted to go in the Civil War;  yet St. Louis  has a parade for Iraq Vets and Chicago, the only city that welcomed Vietnam Vets back (a decade plus after the war ended).

Who are the people in Chicago who are supposedly pushing for this parade?   It's a pretty silent push, but then again, trying to get a parade sanctioned that does not involve puking teenagers from New Lenox and Lockport and Joliet, or coddling the Occupy protesters,  is not a high priority with our new "reform" mayor.

Maybe we need a few brave women with some flags to step off on Michigan Avenue?

My letter below....



Dear Mayor Emanuel,

Let's have a parade.  A big parade. An historical parade. A parade that will honer those who really deserve it.

On June 13, 1986, Chicago had a big parade.  Probably the largest of its kind.  It was a long time in coming. You can read the Trib article.

Chicago stepped up and had the official "Welcome Home" parade for the many thousands of Vietnam Veterans who never had anybody in any governmental body, or its citizens, for that matter,  say "Thank you" in any meaningful way.

It was a big event.

Some 200,000 Vietnam Veterans and their families took part, marching through the Loop, wearing the remainders of their uniforms, while 300,000 people looked on.  A rare day for Chicago and one of its proudest.  Chicago went where other cities did not.

It was a day for tears and for rejoicing.  And remembering.

I was there. Were you there, Mayor Emanuel?

I was one of the 300,000 watching.

Another year older or so and I might have been marching -- had I survived.  Or not been injured.

Your old boss, President Barrack Obama, does not seem to want to honor the many thousands of Iraq War Veterans.  New York does not want a parade, apparently.  Haven't heard of any other place wanting one, either.

Chicago has parades for Italians, for Irish, for Polish, for African Americans, for Lesbian and Gay Pride -- name it: for pretty pink  pooches, probably.  How about a parade for our neighbors, our friends, our sons and our daughters?  How about a parade for the fallen, those who lived down the block or went to the same church?

Mayor Emanuel, don't let it be said that Chicago didn't step up where other cities didn't.  Do we have to wait for Washington DC?  Does every damned thing have to wait for Washington?

Do these  Iraq soldiers have to wait a decade or more to hear "Thank you"?

Think about it.

Then, do it!


A Citizen


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  • Is anyone attempting to organize for a parade right now?

  • In reply to elowess:

    MSNBC said that Chicago is reportedly one of the cities who contacted St. Louis parade officials about it.

    It's still a big secret here, apparently.

    Mayor Rahm is too preoccupied with G-8 and NATO elite to care about "the little guy". Odd, since he is little.

  • What gives you the idea that our president does not want to honor the Iraq vets? Because there hasn't been a parade, yet? Please.

  • Aquinas...because New York wanted to have a parade and the Pentagon tamped down the idea. The Pentagon's landlord is Barrack Obama.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, made it clear to the mayor of New York that a parade would not be appropriate at this time. I think we should respect his judgment.

  • Sorry, Aquinas, I don't respect the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff's opinion. Dempsey, like all before him in that position, is a political animal. The reasoning behind not "celebrating" a return is to not give "offense". It is a little too tiring to be so politically correct all the time.

    Other cities have apparently ignored Dempsey's opinion. And veterans who talked the talked and fought the fought apparently did not "respect" Dempsey's opinion, as they marched in the parades.

    What more can I say? This is political on the administration's part, part of appeasing the anti-war faction of democrat support.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Mayor Bloomberg, a Republican, agreed with the Pentagon.

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    Thanks for the great comments about the parade in St. Louis. I attended the parade to cheer on the veterans. It was cold and windy but sunny and was an awesome experience. Thank you President Obama for finally ending this war so we could bring the soldiers home to have this parade. St. Louis really is an "Okay" city. An if Chicago has a parade, you can be "Okay" too!

  • ! ! ! EXCITING NEWS ! ! ! So, there actually is a group organizing a Veterans Parade in Chicago! The Welcome Home: Post 911 Veterans Parade Chicago Group is partnering with the Welcome Home Foundation (the same group of individuals who organized the nation's first Welcome Home parade in St. Louis last month). They are actively organizing and looking for donations and volunteers for a parade to honor and say thank you to our troops and their families for their sacrifices. If you are interested, checkout their Facebook page or go!

    Ps – Thank you, Mr. Davis, for taking interest in this cause and for your willingness to publicly support and thank our troops and their families!

  • In reply to Cristopher:

    To find them on Facebook, search "Welcome Home: Post 911 Veterans Parade Chicago."

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    Hi, I just saw on the Rachel Maddow show that a permit was issued for a Chicago parade, December 15, 2012.

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    I like the comment but not all the bashing of Chicago. It is a great city very friendly and on Dec 15 there will be a parade for the Iraqi vets. I saw the piece on Rachel Maddow's showed and im thrilled. I immediatlely posted it on my fb page to let my family and friends know. One of my sisters used to work at Walter Reed Hospital and my other one currently work at VA in the Chicago area. I look forward to joining with about 2 million people on that day to give honor to what all the service men and women have done these past years.

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