Dear Mr. Bernstein

If you are  acquainted with the  sports radio scene in Chicago you may know  there is likely no one as refreshingly bright,  articulate and most times entertaining than Dan Bernstein...longtime afternoon partner of  savvy veteran Terry Boers on 670 The Score.  Dan recognizes that what happens on the various playing fields and arenas is essentially entertainment, not to be taken overly  seriously, even if the callers do.  Of course, with exception to Mike from Milwaukee.  When truly significant  stories  arise Dan excels. Witness his well informed,  illuminating work  on  CTE/ head trauma/concussion issues and more recently, his bitingly accurate commentary on all things Penn State/Sandusky/JoePa. (though I have grown tired of the constant use of 'anal rape')

Bernstein has often expressed his disdain for women’s sports, doing so once again on this past Friday’s show.  Nothing wrong with expressing “opinion” as in “There is no reason whatsoever to watch women’s sports”, but sweeping generalizations are often troublesome. Citing the obvious & vast gulf between the WNBA & the NBA is completely valid. No comparison. It’s  like comparing Laila Ali to her father in his prime. Clearly  these are contests  where male superior size, strength & speed are unquestioned.

But, after  glossing over women’s tennis, “I guess some people like it”,  Dan went on to deride the LPGA, “ The course setups are easy, they aren’t out there shaping shots!”  Here Dan is out over his proverbial skis. The major difference between the men’s  & women’s game is distance. The ability to “shape” a shot, control ball flight,  play from a short side bunker, and putt well is not exclusive to the PGA.

I would love if Dan would attend an LPGA event. The U. S. Women's Open runs July 5-8 and is being held at Blackwolf Run, Kohler WI.  A stay at the five-star resort is reason enough to go but I'm certain the level of golf will surprise him.   Or at the very least, I ask Dan to actually watch a women's tournament on one on his flat screens before developing a conclusive opinion. He, like most of us, is better when he is well informed.

I remain optimistic about Dan's opinion of the LPGA. Heck, there was a time when Dan didn't want to be involved with the sensation known as Twitter.  And now he is has become one of the more prolific tweeters in the city...even uses it to challenge his followers to complete his NYT crossword puzzles.  I look forward to the day I hear Dan say he is on Team Lincicome!

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  • Can't listen to that show anymore. It has devolved into a two-pronged angry heckle of every single caller they slightly disagree with. You make a solid argument, but I just ignore them and their masochistic listeners.

    I don't watch much golf, but prefer women's tennis over men's. Men's matches are too long to watch and the same two (now three) guys always win. Whereas a top-20 ranking is always up for grabs on the girls' side. Viva Ivanovic!

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    I like Dan's opinions a majority of the time and love listening to B&B as they bring intelligence to sports radio.
    When it comes to female sports, you are correct there is no comparison between the two. Obviously they have talent. Just doesn't transcend as males do, nor does it work well for sports radio. Frankly, female tennis, for the normal tennis player, is more watchable than male tennis.

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    The point of the blog is not to emphasize that males in sports generally exceed in physical execution compared to female performance of the same sport. It is mentioned in the blog as standard, as well as a widely accepted reality. But rather it was written to point out the rare exception in female golf where skills can be comperable to their male counterparts despite their lack of distance. It seems like the two comments prior never made it past the tennis skirts.

  • Even though I believe that women have a right to have these sports, to compare them with the men's(golf/tennis the only exception) in laughable(i.e. WNBA) in some instances. Just because a man does not watch women's sports(maybe because they find it boring) does not mean that they are sexist. Mike from Milwaukee is more entertaining than Women's golf. Not sexist it is just the reality of things.

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  • I do like the B&B show but agree with you on this one. Compare mens vs womens sports all you want, most will be more entertained by mens. I would love to know how great a golfer is Dan Bernstein. Id love to see him play a good course against a woman. Both golfers from the ladies tees. Id put money Dan loses.

  • Bernstein is an insufferable, know it all. Big deal, he went to Duke, he can do the NYT puzzle, so can I, and I didn't even go to college. He and Weezie are the two biggest schmos on the radio.. EVER.

  • "there is NO way bill belichick is going to lose a second super bowl. brady rarely has 2 consecutive statistically bad games so he got that stinker out of the way 2 weeks ago. i'm certain one of the NFL's greatest QB-coach tandem is going to get it done today! i've settled on pats over giants 27-21. enjoy the day!"

    Oops, looks like somebody doesn't know as much about sports as she thinks she does. Maybe you should just focus on fixating on Michael Weiland :b

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