Filming in Chicago Begins May 1st for In Between Engagements

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Call it serendipity , kismet , sheer happenstance , or plain old dumb luck,  sometimes things   truly are meant to be as was the case when I, former executive producer of the Steve Dahl Show  crossed paths with former Jerry Springer minions  Carl Alaimo, Johnny Arreola and Brian Schnoor.  Along with filmmakers Andrew Gibbs and... Read more »

#FF @badbanana on the Big Pop Fun Podcast @Twitsandgiggles

#FF @badbanana on the Big Pop Fun Podcast @Twitsandgiggles
I laugh every time I read that Toaster Strudel tweet. It’s FRIDAY people! I’ve been following @badbanana on Twitter for a couple of years.  Tim Siedell is the man behind the @badbananaTwitter handle and he is this random guy that tweets the funniest little nuggets.  I was so excited to hear him on the Big Pop Fun podcast... Read more »

The Nadas & Dan Navarro at Martyrs' - Pretty Special

You know those tiny moments in my life, where time seems to slow, almost to a complete stop and you become acutely aware of how you arrived at a certain point and you feel incredibly lucky to have experienced the journey you’ve been on? Late on Saturday night, I stood in a then dark, almost... Read more »

Dear Mr. Bernstein

If you are  acquainted with the  sports radio scene in Chicago you may know  there is likely no one as refreshingly bright,  articulate and most times entertaining than Dan Bernstein…longtime afternoon partner of  savvy veteran Terry Boers on 670 The Score.  Dan recognizes that what happens on the various playing fields and arenas is essentially... Read more »