I’ve been around the block a few times and I still get lost. I want to change the world, I challenge you to do the same. I’ve been trying to reinvent myself but there is no blueprint for that to follow. I’ve been married to the same woman for 22 years and she should get the credit not me. I never wear woman’s clothing but when I do chicks dig me. My wife and I swing but it’s on the golf course. When I read a book I turn a page, I refuse to click a button. I’m a social media consultant but I’m not social. My mind wanders and my feet follow. I love to write but I’m often wrong. I’ve been a juvenile delinquent and an adult delinquent because I like symmetry in my life. I skipped a lot of class but have plenty of it. I never stop learning. I refuse to “go along”. I break rules and question everything. I’m going to move to Montana someday and become a dental floss tycoon. I love to travel and in my mind I’m already gone. I love the Beatles but hate bugs. I can build you a website but know nothing about building a house. I don’t drink water because fish fornicate in it. I once saw a spaceship take my friend. Once I get to know you you’ll never be alone. I burp, I fart, I laugh, I cry. I hate guns but respect the right to bare arms. I love my Country but have no respect for politicians. I’m tall but I never measured up. I am me, you are you, were all here together, let’s make it work. I want everything but expect nothing. I get what I give. If you need a nickel I’ll give you two. I don’t pass the buck so send me yours. I have raw emotions but won’t eat a raw egg. I love wine but I’m not a whiner. I’m a stand-up guy but I’ll also lay-down my life for you. I’ve never done drugs but they’ve done me. I’m a dedicated follower of fashion. My life’s an open book just don’t judge me by its cover. If you need a hand I’ll lend you mine, just don’t steal my watch.