I caught the clap recently

I've been trying to quit smoking. After a few failed attempts in the past, I've finally gone 5 days without lighting up. So in my small victory I've decided to clap for myself. Hence...I've caught the clap recently.

In my attempt to quit smoking, I've determined that I need to approach this with a, trying to win one small battle at a time attitude instead of trying to win the war all at once. Something I tend to do in every other part of my life as well. So with my plan for "kicking the habit", I'm going to try and incorporate it into the rest of my living ways.

In the past when I have failed miserably at something -and there have been plenty of these times- I used to beat the heck out of myself. This will no long be acceptable practice. Now I will see where I've failed. Why I have failed. What I could have done differently. Fix it. Then clap for one small victory.

Again. In the past. When I did do something that I was proud of, I never took the time to relish in that victory. Sure, a feeling of confidence spread over me, but I never clapped. Now I will take the time to analyze my small victories. See what steps I took to "get it right", and, with a little luck, learn what I need to do on a consistent basis to keep getting it right.

I know for some of you that things come easy in life. But for the rest of us that have to work at it. Sometimes we need to catch the clap to show ourselves that we do have some worth. That we need to be rewarded for a job well done. Call it our little insecurities, but we need to "gold star" on our homework to know too that we have a place in this world.

Now that I have caught the clap and know when to use it. It feels wonderful! I'm going to continue rewarding myself with the clap knowing I've made a positive step forward in my life. But I must warn all of you now. Now that I am armed with the information, I'll be looking to spread the clap with anyone who doesn't know how, or isn't comfortable with using it. After all, we should all catch the clap some time in our lives just so we know we belong.

I hope that I've inspired you enough to go out there in the world and catch the clap! Remember. Don't be selfish. Go out in the world and spread the clap to someone who needs it! You'll boost there confidence. I guarantee it.

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  • And here, I was ready to recommend a good doctor.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    No doctor needed my friend. As you can tell it's not that kind of clap. ;)

  • Awesome! So proud of you for taking on this huge challenge, you are an inspiration!

  • In reply to Tara Scalzo:

    Thanks Tara! Thanks for taking the time to read also.

  • I love this article!! I'm giving you "The Clap" right now for a job well done!

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