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Top 6 tips to get prepared for your first-ever blogger conference

A few weeks ago, I attended my very first blogger conference. While I had wanted to attend other conferences in the past, I wasn’t able to do so for various reasons. I was dying to go to a conference to get smarter about the blogging business, learn how to perfect the “art” of being a blogger, and... Read more »

WITS ’14: Top 8 tips from the Women in Travel Summit

I must confess – I used to be a blogger conference virgin. But, not any more. Last weekend, I was inaugurated into the world of blogger conferences, and my blogging life will never be the same. I picked the perfect blogger conference to make my official debut – The Women in Travel Summit (WITS). The event, held... Read more »

The beauty of language: Saying so much in just a few words

The other day, after dropping of my kids at school, I switched from the High School Musical soundtrack to NPR – per my typical morning routine. As I stared out at the sea of red brake lights heading south on Lake Shore Drive my mind began to wander until a snippet of an interview with... Read more »