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I travel around the world every day - thanks to families across the globe

Do you want to know how I usually start my day? I travel around the world. Yes, I do. And, a large part of my virtual travels are thanks to the Multicultural Kid Blogs bloggers who routinely post photos on Instagram. Thanks to this fantastic group of bloggers from around the world, I can catch real-time images of daily life as it unfolds... Read more »

Making the most of a layover in Munich, Germany

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to join my husband in Europe. He was finishing up a week of business travel – and I was anxious to see him, spend time with him, and explore a new destination with him. After looking at potential travel options for us, we decided on Prague – a city... Read more »

Buying milk in a bag in Israel – and remembering when I first realized the beauty of travel

“Mom, in Israel, people drink chocolate milk out of a bag!” That one statement, excitedly yelled by my younger son as he got off the camp bus just a few weeks ago, triggered a memory I had long forgotten. And, instantly, I was mentally transported back to when I was a student participating in a... Read more »

Peanut butter and Paris: Or, why I’ll never look at a small jar of Skippy peanut butter the same way again

Is there one food you can’t cook, taste or smell without thinking of a certain place or time in your lives? For me, it’s peanut butter. In Paris. I know, it almost sounds sacrilegious to even say that the one food that reminds me of Paris is peanut butter. But, it’s true. For me, it... Read more »

Travel gear favorites: Four great items to pack for your next trip

As an avid traveler, I love to find items that make planning, packing and touring a little bit easier. And, as a traveling mom, I appreciate anything that helps lighten my load, free up my hands, and better savor and remember each precious memory. I recently picked up a few new travel items to test out during our family’s recent adventures abroad and... Read more »

Tokyo souvenirs: Fun and fabulous finds

I wasn't surprised to see that you could buy a wide variety of chopsticks in Tokyo. But, I was surprised - and delighted - to see that you could find ones with anime and manga characters on them. I picked up chopsticks with Pikachu, Gundam, and Ultraman. Next time, I plan to buy the Star Wars lightsaber and Harry Potter wand chopsticks, too. Can you blame me?
Anyone who has spent time in Tokyo can tell you that there are no shortage of fun and fabulous souvenirs to be found there. In fact, there may be too many to possibly choose from. Between kawaii (the “quality of cuteness” in the Japanese culture), anime, manga, and more, there’s a real feeling that consumerism (and... Read more »

Reliving our travels through food: Rome, Tokyo and beyond

So much of travel to other places revolves around one main thing: food. No matter if I travel across state lines or an ocean, I often spend hours and hours researching where to go, what to do and, most importantly, what to eat. When I dream of my recent travels, it’s hard not to picture my husband, my sons and I savoring a local culinary delight – walking along a river with... Read more »

8 things I miss about daily life in Tokyo

My family was fortunate to get to spend our sons’ spring break holiday in Tokyo, Japan. For our vacation, we only had one goal – to absorb all the sights, sounds, tastes and traditions of daily life in Tokyo. And, I’m happy to say we did just that. We rented an apartment in residential neighborhood. We took public transportation all over the... Read more »

Getting “schooled” in foreign language by my two young sons

This morning, I volunteered to help out at a special event at my sons’ school. Today, students’ grandparents were welcomed to come learn more about the school, meet the teachers and staff, and visit with their grandchildren in their classrooms. My sons go to an international school so that means visitors would be coming to the... Read more »

Top 6 resources to use to plan your next vacation - no matter where your travels take you

My family is in major vacation-planning mode. It will be spring break for us soon. So, while my sons get ready to neglect their books for a while, my husband and I are feverishly studying up on how to make the most out of our vacation. Now, don’t get me wrong. We aren’t ardent trip... Read more »