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Gaga: Parents, get to know the dodgeball-like game your kids are most likely playing at summer camp

Do you know what gaga is? Chances are that if your kids go to summer camp, they do. My kids are enrolled in day camp this summer, and they say “gaga” all the time. But, they’re not speaking baby talk. Or, talking about the singer. No. They’re talking about a game with global origins that’s... Read more »

7 things my sons learned from the 2014 World Cup

After being a main source of conversation and entertainment for more than four weeks, the 2014 World Cup is now over. And, I think my whole family is a bit in shock. For one whole month, we cheered on our favorite teams, we kept track of our favorite players, and we talked about which teams... Read more »

Proud our neighborhoods play starring role in the Chicago Marathon

I’m a runner. But, I’m not a marathon runner. While I like to log the miles, I have never run 26.2 miles. I have complete and utter respect for each and every runner who takes on the physical and mental challenge. And, even though I have never run the Chicago Marathon (or any marathon), I... Read more »

Global Games: Play Bocce and Petanque in Chicago

Last summer, my family was fortunate to vacation in Paris. It was an incredible experience that allowed us to enjoy new places, traditions, holidays, foods – and sports too. On our very first day in the City of Lights we stumbled upon Paris Plages, an annual summertime festival that turns the banks of the Seine... Read more »