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Tokyo souvenirs: Fun and fabulous finds

I wasn't surprised to see that you could buy a wide variety of chopsticks in Tokyo. But, I was surprised - and delighted - to see that you could find ones with anime and manga characters on them. I picked up chopsticks with Pikachu, Gundam, and Ultraman. Next time, I plan to buy the Star Wars lightsaber and Harry Potter wand chopsticks, too. Can you blame me?
Anyone who has spent time in Tokyo can tell you that there are no shortage of fun and fabulous souvenirs to be found there. In fact, there may be too many to possibly choose from. Between kawaii (the “quality of cuteness” in the Japanese culture), anime, manga, and more, there’s a real feeling that consumerism (and... Read more »

Berlin souvenirs: The fun, functional and fantastic

The walk/don't walk symbols from East Germany have achieved cult icon status in a unified Berlin. Throughout the city, you can see tourists (like me) snapping photos of the streetlights that still showcase the Ampelmann. (Yes, that's his name.) You also can find souvenirs of all types with the icon at <a href="http://ampelmann.de">Ampelmann stores</a> throughout the city.
While I may not always leave a lot of room in my suitcase for souvenirs, I do always find lots of time to browse stores, markets and more in search of the most fun, functional and fantastic items that help capture the spirit of my destination du jour. When I was recently in London, I... Read more »

Fun and Functional London Souvenirs

My family and I spent 10 days in London this summer and it was an amazing experience. We have loads and loads of photos to help remember – and share – our favorite memories with friends and families. And, of course, we had to pick up a souvenir or two to add to our growing... Read more »

Photos: Royal Baby Prince George Souvenirs in London

From our first walk through the city streets, we saw signs on the top of embassies, affixed to construction sites...
When we made our plans to head to London this summer, my first thought was if there was any way we could time our visit to coincide with the much-anticipated birth of the royal baby. At the time, it seemed like the world was on constant baby watch, counting down the days until Prince William... Read more »