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Inspirational graphic tees: Let the words on your shirt remind others that we're all beautiful and bright

Recently, I wrote about the efforts of Matthew Hoffman to share three simple, but powerful words with the world - <a href="">You Are Beautiful</a>. To date, You Are Beautiful stickers have been shared more than 100 million times around the world. Today, you also can find them on magnets, public murals, mirrors, and of course graphic tees. Yes. We can spread the same message to all of those in our daily lives thanks to the You Are Beautiful shirts. So, remember, "you are beautiful." Pass it on.
I love fashion, especially fashion with a message. That’s why I am thrilled to see the that inspirational graphic tees trend seems to be here to stay. To me, that says I’m not the only one that sometimes likes to let fashion do the talking for a change. Yes, by wearing a bold shirt with several... Read more »

I’m an urban traveler - in high heels

It’s confession time. I’m an urban traveler – in high heels. I’ve been to almost every major U.S. city. I’ve been to Italy, France, Spain, England, Germany, Mexico and Israel, and I’ve wandered each city’s sidewalks and each country’s roads in nothing less than 2” heels. I’ve walked on cobblestone streets, meandered down grand boulevards,... Read more »

Getting a Good "Dose" of Chicago

As you are probably well aware by now I love Chicago – the people, the cultures they represent, and all of the neighborhoods that together make the city great. To me, Chicago is a beautiful, dynamic tapestry of ethnicities, traditions, artisans and individuals. Everything on its own is unique and special, but together it becomes... Read more »