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Sports jerseys: A great way to start conversations around the world

I’m convinced there is one easy, almost guaranteed way to strike up conversations with people around the world – wear a sports jersey. No matter where we go, if myself, my husband or our sons are wearing sports jerseys, people will talk to us. It happens all the time in Chicago – and it’s happened to us in Paris, London... Read more »

I travel around the world every day - thanks to families across the globe

Do you want to know how I usually start my day? I travel around the world. Yes, I do. And, a large part of my virtual travels are thanks to the Multicultural Kid Blogs bloggers who routinely post photos on Instagram. Thanks to this fantastic group of bloggers from around the world, I can catch real-time images of daily life as it unfolds... Read more »

5 tips for finding multicultural family events in your hometown or travel destination

I feel fortunate that my family lives in a world-class city like Chicago. My hometown ranks high on my list of great urban locales. Why? Because of the stunning skyscrapers that form its skyline. Because of how Lake Michigan curves around the eastern most end of the city. Because of the energy that exudes from... Read more »

David Černý sculptures in Prague: Czech artist’s public artwork infuses the city with personality

My husband and I recently returned from a stay in Prague. After extending our layover in Munich, we arrived in our final destination as the sun went down. By the time we first ventured out into Prague, evening had fallen upon the bohemian city. Have you ever arrived in a city after dark? If so,... Read more »

Making the most of a layover in Munich, Germany

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to join my husband in Europe. He was finishing up a week of business travel – and I was anxious to see him, spend time with him, and explore a new destination with him. After looking at potential travel options for us, we decided on Prague – a city... Read more »

Buying milk in a bag in Israel – and remembering when I first realized the beauty of travel

“Mom, in Israel, people drink chocolate milk out of a bag!” That one statement, excitedly yelled by my younger son as he got off the camp bus just a few weeks ago, triggered a memory I had long forgotten. And, instantly, I was mentally transported back to when I was a student participating in a... Read more »

Peanut butter and Paris: Or, why I’ll never look at a small jar of Skippy peanut butter the same way again

Is there one food you can’t cook, taste or smell without thinking of a certain place or time in your lives? For me, it’s peanut butter. In Paris. I know, it almost sounds sacrilegious to even say that the one food that reminds me of Paris is peanut butter. But, it’s true. For me, it... Read more »

Travel gear favorites: Four great items to pack for your next trip

As an avid traveler, I love to find items that make planning, packing and touring a little bit easier. And, as a traveling mom, I appreciate anything that helps lighten my load, free up my hands, and better savor and remember each precious memory. I recently picked up a few new travel items to test out during our family’s recent adventures abroad and... Read more »

5 reasons why I love summertime road trips

My husband and I lived in San Francisco for a year before we were married. During our short time there, we didn’t sit idle. On the weekends, we’d head to Napa Valley, Carmel, Mendocino, and other amazing destinations – all just a short car ride away. Back in the Midwest, where we’ve since got married and had two sons, we still pine for those... Read more »

A surprising lesson in innovation at CUPNOODLES Museum in Japan

I have a new appreciation for Cup Noodles. Yes, that’s right. The instant ramen noodles you most likely ate by the cup-full during your college days. What brought about this new appreciation? I recently learned that there’s more to the product than it being a quick, convenient and inexpensive meal. There’s a compelling story, too. It’s a story is steeped in creative... Read more »