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Travel gear favorites: Four great items to pack for your next trip

As an avid traveler, I love to find items that make planning, packing and touring a little bit easier. And, as a traveling mom, I appreciate anything that helps lighten my load, free up my hands, and better savor and remember each precious memory. I recently picked up a few new travel items to test out during our family’s recent adventures abroad and... Read more »

5 reasons why I love summertime road trips

My husband and I lived in San Francisco for a year before we were married. During our short time there, we didn’t sit idle. On the weekends, we’d head to Napa Valley, Carmel, Mendocino, and other amazing destinations – all just a short car ride away. Back in the Midwest, where we’ve since got married and had two sons, we still pine for those... Read more »

A surprising lesson in innovation at CUPNOODLES Museum in Japan

I have a new appreciation for Cup Noodles. Yes, that’s right. The instant ramen noodles you most likely ate by the cup-full during your college days. What brought about this new appreciation? I recently learned that there’s more to the product than it being a quick, convenient and inexpensive meal. There’s a compelling story, too. It’s a story is steeped in creative... Read more »

Reliving our travels through food: Rome, Tokyo and beyond

So much of travel to other places revolves around one main thing: food. No matter if I travel across state lines or an ocean, I often spend hours and hours researching where to go, what to do and, most importantly, what to eat. When I dream of my recent travels, it’s hard not to picture my husband, my sons and I savoring a local culinary delight – walking along a river with... Read more »

8 things I miss about daily life in Tokyo

My family was fortunate to get to spend our sons’ spring break holiday in Tokyo, Japan. For our vacation, we only had one goal – to absorb all the sights, sounds, tastes and traditions of daily life in Tokyo. And, I’m happy to say we did just that. We rented an apartment in residential neighborhood. We took public transportation all over the... Read more »

Getting “schooled” in foreign language by my two young sons

This morning, I volunteered to help out at a special event at my sons’ school. Today, students’ grandparents were welcomed to come learn more about the school, meet the teachers and staff, and visit with their grandchildren in their classrooms. My sons go to an international school so that means visitors would be coming to the... Read more »

Top 6 resources to use to plan your next vacation - no matter where your travels take you

My family is in major vacation-planning mode. It will be spring break for us soon. So, while my sons get ready to neglect their books for a while, my husband and I are feverishly studying up on how to make the most out of our vacation. Now, don’t get me wrong. We aren’t ardent trip... Read more »

WITS 14: Top 5 inspirational quotes from speakers at the 2014 Women in Travel Summit

This weekend, I joined hundreds of women from all over the world at the 2014 Women in Travel Summit (WITS) at the Palmer House in downtown Chicago. The first-ever travel blogging summit for women aimed to provide female traveler bloggers with the opportunity to gain expert advice and connect with the “global sisterhood of traveling... Read more »

Traveling without kids

This post is brought to you by the Social Butterfly Mom‘s weekly series “Validate Thy Neighbor” in which two bloggers choose a topic and write in support of the OPPOSITE of what they practice. Today, Raising World Citizens, a mom who often travels with her two kids, and No Bags to Check, an independent traveler, explore... Read more »

Traveling without fear – but always with an open mind and heart

Traveling to new and different places helps open your eyes and your mind to the world. To me, the only way to know people, their culture and even their traditions is to walk down their streets, eat in their cafes, stroll through their parks, and frequent their cultural institutions. It’s only when you’ve achieved their... Read more »