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WITS 14: Top 5 inspirational quotes from speakers at the 2014 Women in Travel Summit

This weekend, I joined hundreds of women from all over the world at the 2014 Women in Travel Summit (WITS) at the Palmer House in downtown Chicago. The first-ever travel blogging summit for women aimed to provide female traveler bloggers with the opportunity to gain expert advice and connect with the “global sisterhood of traveling... Read more »

Traveling without fear – but always with an open mind and heart

Traveling to new and different places helps open your eyes and your mind to the world. To me, the only way to know people, their culture and even their traditions is to walk down their streets, eat in their cafes, stroll through their parks, and frequent their cultural institutions. It’s only when you’ve achieved their... Read more »

My son passed his eye exam with fake glasses

A few weeks ago, my five-year-old son came home from school complaining of blurry vision and insisted we go buy him glasses. He refused to get his vision checked. No. He wanted to skip that important step and get right to the buying glasses part. After pressing him a bit, he admitted that his vision... Read more »

"Be My Friend" for Valentine's Day: A wish for kids this holiday

For a parent, there’s nothing worse than seeing your child upset – by anything at all. No matter if it’s big or small, temporary or permanent, trivial or life altering, it hurts to see them unhappy. As their parent, you want nothing more than to make the hurt or the sadness go away – with... Read more »

One mom's conflicting emotions about the 2014 Winter Olympics

I’ve always loved the Olympics. As a child, I remember vying for the best spot in front of our TV to cheer on the American athletes – no matter the sport. And, secretly, I couldn’t wait for the produced videos on a proud country or scrappy athlete, usually narrated by Bob Costas, that always brought... Read more »

Home is where the heart is - no matter the temperature

Artic freeze. Polar vortex. Chiberia. These are just some of the terms that have been running through my social media networks as Chicagoans hanker down in preparation for the coldest weather to hit our city in more than 30 years. Schools are closed. Museums are closed. Restaurants are closed. Stores are closed. The city is... Read more »

Unusual (but very fitting) school holiday show songs

At this time of the year, many parents gather together to listen to their children perform in school holiday shows. If you have multiple children like I do, that means you may have spent a good part of your week going from show to show, hearing a wide range of holiday songs. With two kids... Read more »

Paying the price for rudeness: French café rewards polite customers

The other day a headline in my Twitter feed caught my eye. The Local France (@TheLocalFrance) shared a photo of a sign at a French café in Nice, which listed varying degrees of pricing for the same cup of coffee (or café). The reason for the price difference? The way the customer orders it. The more... Read more »

Winter in Chicago: United together in the pursuit of warmth

Nothing brings Chicagoans together quite like winter. We know it comes every year, at the same time each year, but that doesn’t stop us from complaining about the cold, and the snow, and the ice. Ask any Chicagoan how we can stand to live here and deal with winter and we’ll likely say that we... Read more »

Kids in glasses: Embracing our differences

I recently saw a Today Show segment that struck a chord with me. A four-year-old boy, Noah Fisher, burst into tears when faced with having to wear his new glasses to school. Even at a young age, he was afraid other kids would  make fun of him for looking different. So his mom took action.... Read more »