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The Zazoo: Building bilingual reading skills in young children

My five-year-old son is at magical age when letters become sounds and together they become words – words he can read on his own. All of a sudden, words are everywhere – hidden in plain sight. He delights in each word he’s able to string together as he reads it – at home, on the “L” train, along busy streets, at restaurants, or at school.... Read more »

Paris and pastries: Kudos to Author Amy Thomas for putting her passion into print

I have very set tastes in books and never stray too far from ones within my preferred genre. For that reason, I have never been in a book club or taken any of my mother-in-law’s many book recommendations to heart. For as long as I can remember, when I have time to read for pleasure,... Read more »

Photos: Royal Baby Prince George Souvenirs in London

From our first walk through the city streets, we saw signs on the top of embassies, affixed to construction sites...
When we made our plans to head to London this summer, my first thought was if there was any way we could time our visit to coincide with the much-anticipated birth of the royal baby. At the time, it seemed like the world was on constant baby watch, counting down the days until Prince William... Read more »

An Afternoon Exploring Chicago's Little Italy with Your Family

When you think of Chicago’s Little Italy, it’s hard not to think about food. Italian food to be exact. And, that’s for good reason as Italian restaurants abound – up and down Taylor Street from Morgan St. to the east and Ashland Ave. to the west. But, while it’s always best to arrive in Little... Read more »

Books that Open Children's Eyes to the World - Its People and Places

I always enjoy coming across books that help bring the world to my children. It’s an easy way to expose them to new people, cultures, languages and more – as we huddle together reading before bedtime. While a few stamps already adorn my sons’ passports, books offer us an easy way to explore even more... Read more »

Five Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with your Family in Chicago

Sunday is May 5th, which is also known as Cinco de Mayo. While most people mark the day with beer, tequila and other celebratory Mexican-inspired beverages, there are actually loads of family-friendly ways to partake in Cinco de Mayo right here in Chicago. But, first, let’s begin with the true significance of Cinco de Mayo.... Read more »

Images from C2E2: Kid-Sized Fantasy and Fun

Welcome to C2E2!
Today I exposed my sons to a whole new world – one of superheroes, fantasy and whimsy. It all took place at C2E2, the famed Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo that took place over three days at Chicago’s McCormick Place. And, it could not have been more fun – especially for the pint-sized set. From... Read more »

Travel Around the World with The Adventures of Bella & Harry Series of Children's Books

My mother-in-law, Rhonda, is always quick to reminisce about the days she spent reading stories to her young children – now both grown adults. As a mom and elementary school teacher, she understood the importance of reading books and how it could enable children to learn new things, travel to new places, and let their... Read more »

Celebrating Dr. Seuss, his Messages and his Books on his Birthday

March 2 marks the birthday of the late Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known to children everywhere as Dr. Seuss. And, the legacy of author, famous for writing witty, imaginative stories with a moral in mind, will be celebrated that day across the country – and right here in Chicago at Open Books. Bringing Important Messages... Read more »

February Holidays Galore: Mark Your Calendar for International Book Giving Day

February is shaping up to be a busy month, chock-full of opportunities to expose our children to the world. In addition to bringing in the candy-filled holiday of Valentine’s Day, February is the month we celebrate culturally diverse holidays like Chinese New Year (Feb. 10), Mardi Gras/Carnival (Feb. 12), Paczki Day (Feb. 12), and Purim... Read more »