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Reflecting on the fall of the Berlin Wall - 25 years later from a CTA train station in Chicago

Today, on the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, I reflect on its rise and fall from an unlikely spot – a Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) train station. Recently, I learned that a portion of the Berlin Wall is here in Chicago, just inside the Western Ave. CTA train station. Located in Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood,... Read more »

Berlin souvenirs: The fun, functional and fantastic

The walk/don't walk symbols from East Germany have achieved cult icon status in a unified Berlin. Throughout the city, you can see tourists (like me) snapping photos of the streetlights that still showcase the Ampelmann. (Yes, that's his name.) You also can find souvenirs of all types with the icon at <a href="">Ampelmann stores</a> throughout the city.
While I may not always leave a lot of room in my suitcase for souvenirs, I do always find lots of time to browse stores, markets and more in search of the most fun, functional and fantastic items that help capture the spirit of my destination du jour. When I was recently in London, I... Read more »

A whirlwind weekend in Berlin: 12 top sites in the German capital

To mark my husband’s recent milestone birthday, we made last-minute plans to dash off to an urban destination for a few days over winter break – without our two kids. After searching through loads of flight and fare options, we settled on the German capital of Berlin. My husband and I love exploring the great... Read more »