I’m an urban traveler - in high heels

It’s confession time. I’m an urban traveler – in high heels.

I’ve been to almost every major U.S. city. I’ve been to Italy, France, Spain, England, Germany, Mexico and Israel, and I’ve wandered each city’s sidewalks and each country’s roads in nothing less than 2” heels.

I’ve walked on cobblestone streets, meandered down grand boulevards, browsed through bustling food markets, climbed monument stairs, and traversed the dusty paths of urban parks. And, I’ve done it all in heels.

Me and my heels - above the model of Paris at the Musee D'Orsay.

Me and my heels - above the model of Paris at the Musee D'Orsay.

Am I crazy? Maybe. But, I’m attached to my heels. They’ve become a part of me – as an urban explorer and international traveler. And, I’ve got the miles, the stamps, and the photos to prove it.

But, I’m nothing short of strategic.

I know which brands of shoes to buy so I can wander, meander, walk, browse, climb and traverse in comfort.  I know when to say enough is enough when it comes to inches. I know what style to equate with comfort when it comes to choosing the right sandal, pump or boot. And, most importantly, I know all the right band-aids to buy at the international pharmacies, farmacie, farmacias, apotheken, and בתי מרקחת. Just in case.

Like I said, I’m a (savvy) urban traveler – in high heels.

And, let me tell you, the vantage point from up on my heels is nothing short of amazing.

With a little extra height, I feel energized, confident, and ready for anything. It truly is amazing what a little heel can do for your soul – even as a traveler in a foreign country who spent their honeymoon washing their underwear in hotel room sinks for three whole weeks. Yep, it’s true – and it was perfect.photo-39

Adding a heel to travel pants, skirts or jeans instantly changes my attitude – and my altitude.

I’m a woman, mom, explorer and traveler ready to do it all, see it all, and experience it all – in high heels.

A trip out on the city streets of my hometown or the well-worn paths of a foreign village just isn’t complete if I don’t come home with dust-covered heels. To me, it’s a mark of a day well spent out enjoying, experiencing, and celebrating life – as I see fit.

Got my heels. Now I'm ready to travel the world.

Got my heels. Now I'm ready to travel the world.

Just don’t get me started on the need to dodge doggie do-do on the streets of Paris… Heels are made for walking – on clean streets, bien sûr.

I know I could have a worse vice to confess to you right now. But, I don’t. I’m just a gal who likes to kick up her – high – heels after a day out in the city and breathe a deep sigh of contentment.

Like I said, I’m an urban traveler – in high heels.

I’m 5-feet-tall, but you’d never know it.

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