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My Facebook Fast

For Lent this year, I went on a Facebook Fast. Well, mostly. I did peek at it from time to time. But I gave up posting. Well, I posted only ONE thing during Lent. It was a news story about a killer who was in a satanic cult that kidnapped, tortured, raped and murdered a... Read more »

Kid Made It Into Every College! Is It Time For A Gap Year?

Things have changed since I went to college. Every parent says so. Back in the day, you took an ACT or SAT once, maybe twice, and applied to college – usually about three, and most within your own state. What We Parents Do Differently Now Where we live, things are certainly different now. Parents want... Read more »

Quotemania: Irking Your Kids With Life Lessons

Ask any parent of a teen and they’ll tell you that it’s a LOT of fun to annoy or embarrass – just a wee bit – their teen. It’s part of the “revenge” of all the things that they do to get under your skin. Some of you who read my blog and also follow... Read more »

What If I Were Cody Parkey's Mother?

In my house, I’ve been talking a lot about resiliency and how to handle life when things aren’t going as planned. Life for teens isn’t easy. The world is such that our high schoolers and college students feel incredible pressure, a lot of it self-induced by trying to be “the best” and never make any... Read more »

Were You A Dog Momma First?

I was. I had an American Eskimo dog we named Sabo. Sabo was like having the cutest toddler who turned into the most mischievous, gangly teenager in a couple of months. And he was much, much stronger than a human child. Taking care of him was a big change in the lives of a couple... Read more »

2019 Will Be Another Imperfect Year – And It's OK

Happy New Year! Cheers to the beauty of this day, of continuing the holiday season and celebrating new opportunities! I love the idea of the “fresh start” of the new year, but truly, I view life as more of a continuum than a series of separate years. That’s why, while I like the idea of... Read more »

How To Make Yourself That Winning Person Everyone Wants To Be – And Teach This To Your Teens

“Life Is What You Make It, Not What Happens To You.” This is my theme for “Self-Improvement Saturday.” I have just created my own holiday and have given it a tagline. Why? Well – why not? Living with teens, I see plenty of emotions – and I’m experiencing a lot of them as a menopausal... Read more »

Truly A Lie If You Say You Don't Live Through Your Kids

“When your kids do something great, you feel on top of the world. If they are being hurt by a friend or a relationship, or they didn’t make the team or whatever, it’s a like a knife in your heart. You share all of what they go through as though you’re living your life over again.”... Read more »

"Halloween To Christmas At The Stroke Of Midnight"

We seem to go full-speed ahead from summer to Halloween to Christmas. Where does Thanksgiving fall into this? Of course, we still celebrate the holiday – whoever is the main cook in the house or group of friends hosting the gathering is busy planning the menu now, making the shopping list and perhaps deciding what... Read more »

Are You Tired Of The Way Our World Is? A Simple Way To Change It...

“If you could teach one set of skills to every child in the world, what would it be? What if it could be something that would bring intelligence and compassion to decision-making, reduce (or end?) violence, embed within humanity a drive towards kindness, empathy and create relationships that connect, heal, nurture and flourish those who are... Read more »