I Am A Christmas "Lingerer"

Photo by Pixabay

Photo by Pixabay

Anyone with me on this one? I don't jump into Christmas in October (I prefer to wait until Thanksgiving has been properly celebrated - plus I love fall and I'm not in a hurry to see it go).

However, once I've decked the halls in my house - and I decorate many rooms and the outside of the house - I'm also not in a hurry to take it all down.

I find that people tend to fall in one of two camps: 1. The first group decorates on time, and following Christmas, gets it all down - sometimes as early as the day after Christmas (huh?) and then they move on from the holiday.  2. The second group runs a little late, getting things up closer to Christmas, and they don't mind leaving their holiday decor up for a few weeks afterward.

I fall in between, usually getting my stuff up the first weekend of December (as opposed to immediately following Thanksgiving) and leave it up for the Epiphany (I don't like to shortchange the arrival of the wise men).

My daughter is also born on January 7, which immediately follows the Epiphany by a day or so, and I really don't want the house torn down with boxes all around on her birthday (it takes me a couple of days to get it all down and packed) - and I think it's a lovely look for her birthday to still have all the decorations up.

What is more beautiful than sitting at home and admiring the gentle glow of all of the Christmas lights around you? No other lights in the room are needed. I love seeing it, and the gentle red and green spotlights that peek in the windows and display their pretty lights in my living room and dining room ceiling. The "bright red and green" provides a pretty backlight to all of the lighted other decorations. Seeing some snow gently falling outside is the icing on that winter's cake.

Before Christmas, I'm so busy I can't take a moment to rest and enjoy this beauty. Shopping, heading to parties, preparing for guests at our home throughout all of December - on top of all the work we normally do to get by in life - leaves me to wiped out for those glorious quiet moments.

But afterward, I drink all that loveliness in.

I'm sad to remove all the ornaments from the tree and leave it so "naked" and ready for recycling. Sad to take down the wreath and boughs of pine and holly. I want to feel good about "putting the house back in order" but I don't.

I miss all the extra prettiness.

So I end up leaving a few "wintry" decorations up. These are white and silver, snowflakes and shimmer.

Photo by Pixabay

Photo by Pixabay

And shortly...I put up a few things for Valentine's Day.

It can't match the splendor of Christmas (although I do a wicked job of decorating for Halloween!). But the other early year holidays like Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day do make for some fun decorations to enjoy and celebrate.

I'm not sure what it says about me that I take so much joy in what other people see as a something to look at for a limited time and don't look back on much once its over. For some reason, I feel I must cherish everything.

I'm sure I seem silly and preoccupied to some.

If that's a flaw, I most certainly admit to it. If it's an asset, my personality is overflowing in abundance with it.

Merry "Belated Christmas." Happy New Year. And, Happy early Valentine's Day!

Photo by Pixabay

Photo by Pixabay

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