Are You Strong Enough To Hold Your Opinion And Simply Listen?

As I see it, western culture is all about telling other people what “I” have going on. It goes without saying that social media is all about this – which can be great fun, but it’s very self-obsessed and its good purposes can be tainted by a culture that puts the self in front of... Read more »

They Will Never Get The Time Back

I’m a cautious person. My family and I have obeyed all of the Stay At Home Orders. We use masks in public, we haven’t had any guests inside of our home and our family has not gone inside any one else’s home since mid-March. When we are out and about and see people, we use social... Read more »

Toilet Paper, Zoom, Beer & Wine Cravings, No Haircuts...How The Pandemic Makes Us All Equally Human

As horrific as the trauma and stress of Covid-19 is, I’m consoled by one thing: Our humanity across the planet has never been more evident. It doesn’t matter if you’re famous or not, rich or not, accomplished or a regular joe. We all are facing so much in common right now. The fear.  The boredom. The inability... Read more »

Are You Genuine?

I saw this image enter my Instagram feed and it gave me pause: isn’t one of the highest compliments a person can receive is that of being called “genuine”? Am I genuine? I like to think I am. What does it mean to be genuine? What does it mean to live a life as a... Read more »

Pandemic: The World United In Physical Humanity, Divided In Mental Resolve

Never, certainly in my lifetime, has a situation brought the entire world together to fight an enemy – but even in this gathering strength there is division. Dissenting opinion is critical for coming to resolutions – if everyone thinks the same, then no new objectives can be created and perhaps areas of blindness will prevail.... Read more »

Do You Listen Or Dismiss? The Unintentional Damage Parents Cause

“We haven’t learned that we can sit in an uncomfortable emotion without giving unsolicited advice, defending or deflecting.” Do we allow our kids to have their emotions, or do we tell them they “have to get over” this or that? Do we encourage emotional suppression – especially in our sons, and invalidate boys’ feelings? Are... Read more »

Why My Heart Soared Instead Of Sank When My Daughter Left For College

I didn’t cry when I left my daughter in her dorm room this past August. I gave her a kiss and a hug, and asked her to let me know about all of the great things she’d be doing. I took a deep breath and walked down the dorm’s stairs and got in the car... Read more »

Vibrations, Numbers, The Universe and Eye Rolls

“We believe that we are immersed in mystery, that our lives are more than they seem, that we belong to each other and to a universe of great creative energies whose source and destiny is God…” This is part of a prayer by a Theologian named Jack Shea, and from the very first time I heard... Read more »

Doritos Are The Devil

With their fiery orange color and spicy flavor, crispylicious Doritos are a snackful sin – bad news if you’re a parent trying to instill healthy eating habits in your teens. Still – this parent cannot resist. I promote the Mediterranean Diet as a healthful one – and it’s the way I eat when I can.... Read more »

Humility and Timidity – One Empowers You, The Other Limits You

“Humility is a virtue. Timidity is an illness.” (Jim Rohn). “True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.” (C.S. Lewis). One of the most challenging aspects of parenthood, in my opinion, is teaching the difference between these two attributes. It was easy to say “Treat others the way you... Read more »