SAT Curve on June Test "Stuns and Angers" Students

Many of us think of test curves as “helpful” to balance out the severity of a particularly difficult test. The opposite is apparently true when a test is “easy,” as many of those who took the June SAT are quickly finding out. To be fair, the “curve” is not based on on a comparison of... Read more »

The "Bad Boy" Is NOT A "Type" Of Guy - It's Someone With Problems That Need Fixing

The "Bad Boy" Is NOT A "Type" Of Guy - It's Someone With Problems That Need Fixing
“She’s dating another one of those “bad boy” types. I really don’t like it, but she seems drawn to this type of guy. He does have a lot of good qualities, though.” When I heard this about an acquaintances’ daughter’s newest dating partner*, I cringed, perhaps visibly. For so long we’ve heard about “the bad... Read more »

Mothering 101: Using The Tool Called Guilt

“And she says things like this to us – as though this is NORMAL conversation!” my son says, using both arms in a sweeping gesture towards where I stand as he says this to friends of his aunt whom he’s recently met. They chuckle. He is annoyed. With me. I admit it. I use guilt... Read more »
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Do You See Your Father's Soul?

Do You See Your Father's Soul?
I have been without my Dad for 29 years. I can’t believe it. 29 years is a whole lifetime – the amount of time that someone can mature into a true adult. Now that I am the mother of two teens, I feel that I am a “sage” for them. I know that I have... Read more »

I'm Not Pulling A Beverly Goldberg, Right?

Do you love your kids and would do anything for them? Are they almost perfect – er, are they perfect in your eyes? Do you ever – you know – “hover” over them in any way? We mothers laugh at this behavior – but admit it – you do it. And so do I. That’s... Read more »

3 Things To Know At 16 That Can Dramatically Alter Your Life At Any Age

Do you look back on your life and wish that you had done some things differently? I might also ask, who doesn’t do this to some extent? The wisdom of age is bittersweet; most of us start coming upon many of the most meaningful epiphanies when we are no longer young enough to perhaps make... Read more »

Tough Parenting Decisions: Would Therapy or Medication Benefit My Child?

If your child breaks a bone, you go to the ER. If your child is diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, would you try to treat it yourself? The obvious answers are that professional medical help is what is needed in either scenario. But what if we’re talking about your child’s mental health? Are parents as... Read more »

The Crush of College Keeps Me Up At Night...

This looming pile is all of the postcards, letters and miscellaneous mailings that have made it into our home since my daughter took standardized college entrance exams (PSAT, ACT, SAT) and word got out to universities that another family had money to drop on getting a college education for their kid. My daughter didn’t know... Read more »

Turn And Face The Strange Ch-Ch-Changes…

For most of my life, I thought this song was about the changes of youth; that it was about the teenage growing pains of coming of age. At newly 52 years of age, I realize this song is more about living through life and managing the changes of re-defining oneself – and yes, it’s an... Read more »

Facing Parental Fear: Regrets, Failure and Quitting - Letting Our Kids Live Their Lives

One of my goals for parenting is to turn out into the world a couple of people who are “better” than me. One area I focus on a lot is confidence and taking “good” risks. I don’t want to raise kids who hold themselves back, because I think that leads to regret. I hope they... Read more »