To Be Or Not To Be...Confident

“Be confident!” That’s what parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches, directors, etc., tell us when we’re young. As if we have a choice in the matter. Growing up, I usually felt that I did not. As a parent, I know that exuding confidence is what I want to see in my kids. Recollecting my own childhood, I... Read more »

Be Your Best Parenting Self By Being There For Other Teens

There is hardly a better insight into the teen world than trying to understand things from as many teen perspectives as you can. And in doing so, you can learn a lot about your own kid. I volunteer to teach religion class through my church, and our sophomores were just confirmed by our bishop this... Read more »

Equal Time for Boys' Emotions

“Boys Don’t Cry,” is the title of a Cure song, and possibly, still is what a lot of boys choose to believe about themselves. There is a difference between controlling your emotions to establish maturity and behave appropriately, and believing you shouldn’t have any feelings – at least, none that show perceived “weakness.” The song... Read more »

WAIT! Maybe I Need That!

My house organization plan is perfect! And I’m going to get right on all of it! There’s no time like the present! I’ll show my kids how to get rooms that look like those in Good Housekeeping and Architectural Digest. YES, I will do ALL of it! Right when I get home from vacation. Last... Read more »

A Post About Procrastinating...An Hour Late...

I sat down at my computer at exactly 10:17 and laughed out loud – tonight’s Blogapalooz hour is to write about procrastinating…and I’m starting an hour late. I guess you could call me a “post-procrastinator,” and also in fact, a person who makes VERY bad puns – because starting out late makes me 1. post-deadline,... Read more »

Does Teenage End at 25 Now?

Are the frontal lobes of today’s young brains less developed than a couple of generations ago? Or have the expectations of maturing into a grown up changed? Why are young adults stuck in teen mentality? These days it seems more and more young people are returning home after college to live at home…at later and... Read more »

Nude Pic Double Standard

Would the Marines nude picture scandal even be worth a mention if the roles were reversed? Would anyone care if some women had aggregated a bunch of nude pics of guys and made comments? It’s sad to say, but I don’t think it would be nearly as newsworthy. I venture to say that the guys would... Read more »

Should I Have A Drink With My Teen?

The news is abuzz with a proposed law (H.B. 0494 was put forward by Rep. Barbara Wheeler and Rep. Kelly M. Burke in January) that would lower the drinking age in Illinois at restaurants to 18 for beer and wine only – not hard liquor – with a parent present and with their permission. Good idea? According... Read more »

How Spider Impacted My Life

Tonight’s Blogapalooz Hour is to write about a book or publication that had a big impact on my life. Of all the wonderful, classic novels, intelligent magazines, etc., that could have come to mind…I chose this Halloween story – “How Spider Saved Halloween.” Why? 1). Because I LOVE Halloween. It makes me think of cool... Read more »

Don't Delay That Sex Talk

Valentines Day may be over, but romance is still in the air, especially when the emotions, social pressures and uncertainties of teendom combine. For generations, parents and teens have squirmed at the thought of having “The Talk.” When it happens, it’s often so awkward that neither party feels better having discussed it, and may feel... Read more »