Get Out Of Your Own Way

A friend of mine who was my boss a few years back recently posted a link that makes a case for about what it means to pursue a “significant” life as opposed to striving for “success.” It struck a deep chord with me, not only for my own outlook on life now but also how... Read more »

The 10 Ways Any Teen Can Stay On Track

When I was a teenager, I had a very tumultuous relationship with God at times. Hear me out, if you would, even if you aren’t religious/are atheist. I promise there is more to this blog post. Trust me on this, and please keep reading. It’s normal to question everything when you’re a teen because you... Read more »

"All Of The Liquor...None Of The Clothes"

Yes, my whole family – including my children – had a chance to see this. This dandy quote was on a highway billboard I saw over the weekend coming home from a family event out of state. There is a picture of a beautiful woman on it (just her face) and the first words out... Read more »
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No One Knows I Used To Do This...

…I’ll bet I’ve got your attention now…but what I’m really writing about is tonight’s “Blogapalooz” topic – telling a story about something you’ve never told anyone before. For some reason, the wee hours of the night have captivated me. As a young kid, I would think about what it would feel like to walk on... Read more »

Does Your Teen Believe Dangerous Lies?

What your teen hears from others may be less dangerous for him or her than what they tell themselves. I’m talking about lies they tell themselves without even knowing they’re doing it. As parents, we’re worried about what other kids say to our kids – especially on social media. Bullying on social media as well... Read more »

In The Face Of Betrayal

I have never written on the topic of abuse within the Catholic Church ever before in my life. I sit at my desk dumbfounded as I read more and more about the shear depth and breadth of the scandals and indictments. I simply can’t fathom it. Generally speaking, I am a person who avoids having... Read more »

It's Not About Projecting Poor Self Body Image...It's About Modeling Healthy Improvements

Last night I squeezed into some running clothes, including a Nike sports bra I haven’t worn in years. I hadn’t washed my laundry in a few days and so I pulled out the sports bra at the bottom of the drawer. It felt OK at first, but as I ran, it was clear it was... Read more »

Paper Checking Account Registers: Helping Teens Manage Money-Really!

My husband diligently keeps up our checking account using a paper check register. He always has, and it’s always balanced to the penny. I scratch my head at this. I don’t like messing around with numbers any more than I have to, and I maintain a checking account of my own as of late, and... Read more »

To End AP or Not End AP...That Is The Question

As the parent of an incoming high school senior, talk of college selection, standardized entrance exams and high school profiles of students is the talk of almost every parent I know with students this age, as well as many parents with students much younger. Both in social circles and at school district parent/administration meetings, the... Read more »

SAT Curve on June Test "Stuns and Angers" Students

Many of us think of test curves as “helpful” to balance out the severity of a particularly difficult test. The opposite is apparently true when a test is “easy,” as many of those who took the June SAT are quickly finding out. To be fair, the “curve” is not based on on a comparison of... Read more »