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Gang fight: Six Against Two

Gang fight: Six Against Two
I was 14 years old. Finished performing at my school talent show. My group was called “Pocketful of Soul” I was feeling light and happy that Spring evening. We won second place. My little Puppy Love, decided to walk me home afterwards. As we crossed the street, we saw a bunch of guys walking towards... Read more »

6-year old handcuffed and arrested! How to stop a temper tantrum WITHOUT police force

6-year old handcuffed and arrested!  How to stop a temper tantrum WITHOUT police force
Recently, six year old Salecia Johnson of Milledgeville, Georgia, had a terrible temper tantrum in her kindergarten class.  She was destroying property and throwing things.  She tipped over a small bookshelf that skimmed the Principal’s leg. It scared the heck out of the teachers, so they called police. The cops handcuffed Salecia, put her in... Read more »

From Precious to Predator...or Prey?

From Precious to Predator...or Prey?
Parents, hold your boys close: Black parents, hold your boys closer. In light of Trayvon Martin’s killing, I have reflected on my past challenges and fears of raising my boys and keeping them safe. Many parents have told me it’s so much easier raising boys than girls. I say there are different sets of challenges,... Read more »

Bullied: A Family History, (Part 3 of 3) “Give Bullying the Beatdown”

Bullied: A Family History, (Part 3 of 3) “Give Bullying the Beatdown”
    This is the final installment in a 3-part series on my family’s history with bullying.  In this post, I give suggestions on how parents and children can fight back. Pay attention to sudden change in behavior. Listen to what your kids say or don’t say. Look for warning signs: Withdrawal, trouble sleeping, anger,... Read more »

Bullied: A Family History (Part 1 of 3)

Bullied: A Family History (Part 1 of 3)
In light of the rash of suicides committed by bullied children as young as nine years old, I felt compelled to address this horrendous issue and offer what parents and students can do about it. But first, I wanted to share my family’s story. We are certainly no strangers to bullying. I’m sure many of... Read more »
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    I pursued a satisfying career in the advertising industry, served as a volunteer mentor and parent educator at my two (now grown up) sons' schools and have actually stayed happily married for over a quarter of a century. However, my most gratifying achievement was raising my sons well. I'm not saying there wasn't a little bit of hell raising going on, but you live and learn. Now I'm passing the knowledge on to you. My goal is to turn these nuggets of wisdom into reference books for parents.

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