The devil made you do it? Really?

Raise_Devil_abstract"When you do something that is not in your or another person’s best interest, despite the fact that you know it is wrong, is that the Devil making you do it, or is it you?"


I asked God that question during our daily prayer/meditation/rap session in my bathtub. When I relax in the warmth of a soothing bubble bath, it clears my mind to have a deep uninterrupted discussion with my Personal Savior. I kick back, muscles relaxed, bubbles floating, fragrances soothing my senses; and I sort out my challenges and really seek guidance on how to move forward that day. God and I have been especially tight of late. And today I had some questions to ask before I began my day. Does the devil make us do bad things, or is it us? His answer to me was clear.


It is us.


The Devil never makes you do anything. He doesn’t have that kind of power. He can suggest – rather strongly - to go against your better judgment, to commit acts of evil or retaliation; to deny yourself success or wallow in your defeat. He can suggest that you’re worthless, or that you’re better than others. He can convince you to do wrong for what is perceived to be the right reason; Or do what you think is right for the wrong reason. He can influence, persuade, give good argument and solid rationale for doing plain old “ratchetness”, but it is up to you and you alone to either accept or reject it. God gives us free will to make that decision.


In our relationships with our families, we all too often blame our wrongdoings on other people. “You made me do it!” How often have you heard that – or said it? Or we just blame it on the original Hell raiser himself. “The devil made me do it!” Truth be told, you know right from wrong. You know what’s up. You have a choice. If you go against your better judgment, take full responsibility for your actions. Man up. Woman up. Parent up. Be accountable.
Here’s the thing though: Don’t allow your mistakes to define you. Don’t let it be your calling card. Accept the consequences, learn from it. But in your heart, if you want to do better, work toward making  better decisions.  If you blame your bad behavior on Satan, you will never acknowledge your role and take responsibility and as a result, never grow.



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