Thylane Blondeau: Don't hate on this sexy 10 year old model.

Thylane Blondeau: Don't hate on this sexy 10 year old model.

My Only Daughter and her friends love to play dress up, and dabble in a little makeup and nail polish. It’s a normal part of being a 10 year old girl.

For Thylane Loubry Blondeau, the 10 year old model posing in this issue of Paris Vogue, it’s a different story. Have you seen her spread? She’s beautiful, no doubt, and she certainly has the poise and poses of a future super model.

As a professional model, Thylane wears, struts, and stares come hither as dictated. It’s her job. And her parents, allow it, perhaps even encourage it.

I do question why the magazine chose such a young model, in addition to other pre-teen girls, for this assignment. Over-sexualization? You bet! But here’s the reality: The fashion industry prefers to use young models to sell clothing meant for women much older. Really, how many teenagers can afford haute couture? And little girls in heavy make-up, sexy clothing, and suggestive poses, while plain creepy, sells magazines.

Now the Internet is abuzz with bloggers and family sites condemning little Thylane. While we can rant and rave, and keep our own daughters’ faces scrubbed clean of make-up, there is a better way to react.

Just don’t buy the clothes (couldn’t afford it anyway) and don’t read Paris Vogue, or any Vogue for that matter.

Don’t blame little Thylane. She’s just trying to make a buck or two….for her parents.


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  • People deny this is art because of the commercial aspect, but I disagree. The images are too moving to not be art.

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