Mean Girl v Nice Girl

Mean Girl v Nice Girl

Girls are MEAN!

I’ve been reminded, again, of this ugly fact due to some troubles brewing in my hamlet of a suburban town. Girl drama of the bitterest kind: Mean Girl v Nice Girl. Friend against former friend, with other gals and pals joining in, taking sides in a fight they have no business joining.

Girl drama has been around, as the saying goes, “since the sands of time”. It’s the sad normal of growing up. In my day, girl drama was fueled by passing notes in school, evil giggles, and perhaps even a crank phone call or two. In this day and age, the delivery is much more sophisticated. Modern Mean Girls use Facebook and phone texts, as a way to throw their barbs further and in real time.

Egging a house—well that’s just girl drama de rigueur, regardless of the decade.

What is at the core of this particular girl drama? Looks, smarts, popularity, boys, haves and have nots ~ does it really matter? It all points to jealousy, and the ugly green-eyed gnome that brings it.

But when the taunts turn nasty to the point of vicious, when Nice Girl starts to feel threatened, when property is vandalized, when parents have to intervene, then this girl drama has passed the point of being a normal part of growing up. Now it’s harassment—and it needs to stop.

And when eggs cost $1.50 a dozen, it’s really just plain stupid.

Here’s some advice for the Modern Nice Girl, from a ‘80s Nice Girl (yours truly): Be strong, hold your head up high and remember--karma’s a b*tch.

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