Keep your porch lights on for Caylee

Keep your porch lights on for Caylee

My porch lights will stay on tonight, long after the last family member has gone to bed.

This is so uncharacteristic of me; after all in my family I’m commonly called the electricity miser. But I’m willing to give ComEd a few extra pennies from my pocket—all for good reason.

I’m attending Facebook’s Porch Lights On For Caylee Marie Anthony, along with almost 1.5 million other people, and counting. 1.5 million people who disagree with how the trial of Casey Anthony ended in Orlando this afternoon. A young mother accused of killing her daughter, then disposing of the duct-taped and heart-shape stickered body. Despite the extraordinary evidence presented in this month-long trial, the jurors found Casey Anthony not guilty of killing Caylee. Just lying about it.

Lisa Miller-Marin, the event’s creator, is asking people to keep their lights on tonight starting at 9pm until tomorrow morning at 6am, and again the evening following. Two days’ worth, one for each year of Caylee’s short life. No time zone specified, keep watch on your own clock. Considering this is a worldwide “event” porch lights will be burning for a long time.

I know participation, no matter how widespread, won’t bring that sweet, wide-eyed child back to life, nor will it change the acquittal given to Casey Anthony. But it is giving all of us, 1.5 million and counting, a quiet way of remembering and honoring Caylee Marie Anthony.



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  • Light's on.

  • My heart aches for this little girl. Thank you for lights will be on this evening!

  • My heart aches for this little girl! My lights will be on this evening. Thank you for sharing!

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