MANGO! ice cream at SweetZ



Have you ever had ice cream so good you had to lick real S*L*O*W, just to make it last a little longer? Or at least wished you had ordered a bigger cone's worth?


My family and I had our first official ice cream outing of the summer tonight. It's our habit to visit all the ice creameries in the area, and by August, we make a pretty good dent on our list.

We tried a new place that just opened up in our little hamlet of Orland Park--SweetZ. Capital Z, so you're supposed to stress it. Personally, I would have added an exclamation point instead--Sweetz!

SweetZ shares the same owner as Kismet (our favorite gyros place!). It was always Mr. Roy's dream, or so I'm told, to someday have his own ice cream and cake shop.

Ice cream and a dream: what a combo.

I hope SweetZ follows Kismet's fun gimmick and start displaying photos of their regular customers on the walls. 'Cause we're going to be regulars. Our family portrait, by the way, is already hanging inside Kismet. On the wall opposite the condiment stand.

Ok, back to ice cream. There were about 2 cases worth to choose from, not a huge selection, but boy, the choices were pretty good. My hubby picked tiramisu with real dark chocolate flakes, while Only Daughter, my niece, and I had mango.

As in the flavor was so intense it should be called MANGO!

Only Daughter said the only thing missing were mango chunks in the ice cream to make it perfect. I thought it was already perfect. In fact if you closed your eyes and took a bite, you'd swear you were eating a fresh, ripe, juicy, pass-me-a-napkin, manila mango.

So there we were, two little girls and a middle age-ish mom, with our eyes closed, all the while licking our cones S*L*O*W*L*Y.

Summer's off to a pretty SweetZ start.



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  • Oh my...I definitely want ice cream now! Although, I'm going to for the tiramisu, but I know of a little girl in my house that would LOVE the mango! Thanks - we're going to check this place out this week!

  • have you ever been to Village Creamery in Skokie? It's filipino owned. You can get your queso (Kraft cheese) ice cream there! Also ube and macapuno flavors if cheese is not your thing.

  • In reply to mcabonce:

    Yes, I know of Village Creamery. And that's the problem....I know their flavors too well. Love the queso with bits of cheese!

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