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Baby Storm

Boy or Girl? Neither.
I feel sorry for Baby Storm. You know, the “genderless” child born a few months ago. The mother and father have announced Baby Storm will not: be burden by color, hairstyle, clothing, activities or anything else that may place unwanted social stereotypes on their new child. To achieve this mom and dad will keep Baby... Read more »

Perennial Friendships

According to the Language of Flowers, the Lily of the Valley plant symbolizes sweetness, humility, trustworthiness, and a returning happiness.
As the weather turns warmer, many Chicagoans are bit by the gardening bug, and can’t wait to till the soil and break out the new gardening gloves. My friend Karen is one of these people. An avid gardener, she transforms her backyard into a bevy of colors, and yes, maintains her plants well into the... Read more »

Mother's Day, Bossified

Mother's Day, Bossified
Mother’s Day 2011 was pretty darn good. I’m pleased to say, after 15 years of motherhood, I finally figured out the secret to a happy Mother’s Day–I shed my motherly-ness skirt and put on my bossy pants. In other words, I let my wishes and expectations be known. I wanted to wake up without the... Read more »

Little Osama

Osama bin Laden is dead. The entire world, it seems, is celebrating the death of this hated pariah. I should be celebrating along with everyone else. But instead I am feeling bittersweet. It brings back a memory I have from September 11, 2001. It was 7:46 Chicago time, when the first plane struck, and rest... Read more »