Brassiered 24/7? No thanks!

What's the first thing I do when I reach the comfort and safety of home? I throw off my bra. Freedom!

Apparently this act of liberty, while allowing me a breath of relief, may leave me with saggy boobs. The best way to combat sag and a weathered cleavage, according to some experts, is to never take off your bra.

A British company is even marketing a night bra--the La Decollette--specially designed to lift and separate while you sleep. Priced at $75/piece--they're flying off the shelves.

Isn't sag and wrinkle caused by breastfeeding, age, and plain old gravity? Isn't this condition unavoidable--unless you want to invest in a bit of nip and tuck?

I recently learned my SisterInLaw never. ever. takes off her bra. She feels more comfortable cupped and truly believes her chest is perkier for it. Twenty-four hours a day, she goes from bra to sports bra, and back to bra before she goes to bed. And it's been this way ever since she purchased her first flower decaled trainer from Sears.

Not me. I choose abandon over appearance. Wrinkles, be damned! I won't wear a bra unless I'm out in public. Or when Oldest Son and Next Oldest Son have their friends over.

Brassiered 24/7--the thought gives me the shivers, and my girls too.



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  • Love the play on "raising coconuts" and talking about bras. I am a constant bra-wearer. I do not feel more free with it off, I feel saggy & out of shape. It started when I had my first child and I have continued ever since. In my mind I stand up taller, I feel perkier and overall in control of my girls. However, after reading this, I will go home tonight and "be free" - who knows, you may have converted me.

    Hilarious blog!

  • In reply to jolaha:

    Please let us know how you like your taste of may become a convert to our cause!!

  • If I really believed that keeping a bra on 24/7 would lead to perkier results, I would definitely invest in one of those "night" bras. Since I am on the bigger side, going for longer periods of time without a "boulder holder" does start hurt....But with all that said, when I have finished doing the evening dishes, made the next day's lunches, and locked up the house, nothing feels better than the freedom of removing my bra and just hanging out (no pun intended) in slow jarring or running involved please......

  • In reply to Pano:

    Ahh! That's the sound of freedom!

  • HA HA!! Do people seriously wear these night bras? That's so strange!! I'm all about the "FREEDOM" while at home, but I must admit it's a little uncomfortable not having the girls under control when there is company in the house (even if it's just family over!) My sister even walks through the house at night pitching a tent over her "mosquito bites" to avoid "nippleage" LOL!!

  • In reply to kc618:

    Tell your sister to stop pitching her tent and be proud of her mosquito bites! I'm with you though, I really find the concept of a night bra puzzling...

  • In reply to kc618:

    Gravity + 4 years of breastfeeding has taken a pretty disastrous toll. My husband and children would be truly frightened if they saw me walking around free and easy!

  • In reply to colleenivancic:

    Don't pay them any attention. After all your hard work and suffering, you totally deserve to be free and easy! Give it a try tonight and report back tomorrow...

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