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You know you're in a Filipino house when...

The granddaddy and grandmommy of all Filipino decorations!  Funny considering when it comes to down home family feasting, many filipinos shun utensils and prefer to use their hands.
There are often specific items that signal the ethnicity of a household, be it a shamrock lawn ornament (Irish), red/white/green flag (Italian), or religious icons (Greek). It’s the same for a Filipino house. My kids joke they can tell a true Filipino house by random decorations/religious statues/functional items that collectively spell FLIP. Identification can also be done through... Read more »

fat is not an insult, it's a compliment

Q: when is being called fat not an insult? A: when it’s uttered by your relative. Filipinos often call each other fat as a hidden message to acknowledge wealth, health, and overall good fortune. “You’re so pat, you’re so pat” really means “you must be doing well in life” or perhaps, “you’re looking so good”. ... Read more »

Corned Beef: Filipino Style

Since it’s St. Patrick’s Day, I’m planning a corned beef dinner. With a slight twist. What’s on the menu? Corned Beef Sinigang.  Sinigang is a sour, broth based soup/stew popular in the Philippines, considered its national dish, and certainly one every good Filipina can master. Traditionally, the broth is flavored with fresh tamarinds, though different... Read more »

Finding new Filipino friends

I struck up a random conversation with the bagger assigned to my lane during a grocery run this week. Our topics ranged from where we lived in the area, to our home regions in the Philippines, to the ages of our children. It was a short conversation, one spoken in a mixture of English and... Read more »