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Pet tips for the Windy City Pet Expo

It’s time for another Windy City Pet Expo tomorrow at the Odeum Expo Center in Villa Park. The free expo focuses on all things pets and the great part is that it’s also pet friendly – which means your friendly, well-behaved, leashed pet can come along for the fun. There will be over 135 exhibitors... Read more »

Pet Travel: Cool pet products that make vacation a breeze

Pet Travel: Cool pet products that make vacation a breeze
Is pet travel in your plans this summer? If you’re getting ready to hit the road with your pet, whether you are going on a weekend getaway or extended vacation, it helps to be prepared. Packing a bag for your pet with food, treats, toys and other items from home (favorite blanket or bed) will... Read more »

A visit to a cat friendly veterinary practice

Cats continue to be America’s most popular pet, outnumbering dogs by 15 million, but they are only half as likely to go to the veterinarian for preventive care as their canine counterparts. A recent study by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) found that cat visits to the vet have dropped 30% in the past... Read more »

Furry Babies sued for selling puppy mill dogs

When I first met Cari Meyers of The Puppy Mill Project nearly two years ago, she had a certain Chicago-area pet store chain in her sights. Her group had been getting calls from consumers about Furry Babies. Her small band of volunteers had been investigating and had started to put the pieces together for a... Read more »

Just One Day Adoption event slated for June 8

Kittens and puppies and Guinea Pigs…oh my! On Saturday, June 8 – Just One Day – Chicago Party Animals will be the spot to be for an adoption event featuring cats and dogs of all ages and all kinds of other critters. Chicago animal rescue organizations big and small will be joining forces for the... Read more »

A green dog: In the Loop with landfill biodegradable doggy poop bags

Inventors find inspiration in all kinds of places. If you’re a pet lover, that inspiration could possibly come from finding a better way to dispose of your pet’s stinky business. That is the case of a Chicago designer that first set out to design a better holder for doggy poop bags and followed that up... Read more »

West Town Pup Crawl starts Tuesday

Chicago’s a great dog-friendly city. And, if you’ve been skipping out on some of the summer fun, especially at your neighborhood pub because you want to hang with your pooch, it’s time to mark the West Town Pup Crawl on your calendar. The popular bar district is gearing up for another round of summer fun... Read more »

Dog bite prevention: Tips to make your child more dog savvy

It’s National Dog Bite Prevention Week. And, if you have a child in your home, chances are there’s a natural curiosity about most dogs that is only enhanced by a child’s exuberance to make a new furry friend. That mixture could put your child at risk for a dog bite unless you take steps in... Read more »

Pet Plans: Emergency and disaster planning for your pet

Do you have a disaster plan for your pet? You can never really be prepared for a storm like the one that hit Oklahoma yesterday. However, emergency and disaster planning for your family and for your pet (or pets) can keep the family together. As more pets become part of the family, the big disaster... Read more »

Luxurious pet-friendly accommodations: Travel in style, support pet rescue

Gone are the days when you need to sneak your pooch or feline in at many hotels. Pet-friendly travel is on the rise and that includes luxurious pet-friendly accommodations. May is National Pet Month and a national leader in pet-friendly options – the Kimpton Hotels – is offering special pet deals and donations to a... Read more »
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