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Decoding Your Dog: Are you barking up the right tree?

How good are you at speaking dog? It may seem like a silly question but in a world where so many of us have gone dog crazy and dogs are blending more and more into our families too many of us are missing the mark when it comes to communicating with our dog. If you... Read more »

Zoom Room offers a new twist on dog parks and training

If your dog is going a bit batty these days thanks to this long winter, there’s now a really cool option in Chicago to burn off some energy – indoors. Zoom Room has opened a franchise on the Northside and it couldn’t come at a better time this winter. And, it’s providing a great opportunity... Read more »

Pet Travel: Cool pet products that make vacation a breeze

Pet Travel: Cool pet products that make vacation a breeze
Is pet travel in your plans this summer? If you’re getting ready to hit the road with your pet, whether you are going on a weekend getaway or extended vacation, it helps to be prepared. Packing a bag for your pet with food, treats, toys and other items from home (favorite blanket or bed) will... Read more »

Dog bite prevention: Tips to make your child more dog savvy

It’s National Dog Bite Prevention Week. And, if you have a child in your home, chances are there’s a natural curiosity about most dogs that is only enhanced by a child’s exuberance to make a new furry friend. That mixture could put your child at risk for a dog bite unless you take steps in... Read more »

Suburban man faces charges in Harvey dog abuse case

When Cook County Sheriff’s police arrived at a Harvey home to serve an eviction notice, they weren’t prepared for what was inside. A Harvey dog abuse case is now underway after they found one dead animal and others  living in squalor. Police and animal investigators are now preparing an abuse case against William Robertson. The... Read more »

Community Pet Day offers free resources to Chicago dog owners

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There are many dog owners that look at their pet as a key part of the family, but may be coming up short on finding affordable services for them. On Saturday, May 18, dog families should swing by Mozart Park in Chicago’s Logan Square for Community Pet Day Sponsored by One Tail at a Time.... Read more »

Big dogs get their own community with Big Bark

Chicago is a known as a pretty dog-friendly city. However, if your dog happens to be big – really big – you may run into a few problems. That is something a Chicago businesswoman discovered after adopting a Great Dane – one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to being dog friendly. She’s now... Read more »

Leaving your dog tied up unattended puts him or her at risk

Have you left your dog tied up unattended? I’m not talking long-term. Just for a minute, a quick run into the store or to grab a hot coffee or cool drink. There’s a sign pole or bike rack or tree right there. It’s only for a minute. You leave your dog tied up and step... Read more »

My Pets on Time: Try new pet program to keep pets on track

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If you feel like you need a personal assistant or at least an app to keep track of your pet’s schedule, you’re in luck. A new program is in the works called My Pets On Time that aims to do just that. The program in development will keep track of veterinary appointments, trips to the... Read more »

Dogs: Canine Concierge gets pet parents on track

When people add a new pet to the family, they often head out to the pet store to set up their home for a smooth transition for their dog or dogs. Crates, leashes, beds, toys, food and bowls are just a few items on the top of the list to help your new dog or... Read more »
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