Finding Liam: Search continues for recently rescued dog

Finding Liam: Search continues for recently rescued dog

Liam didn't have an easy start in life and had recently hit the jackpot when life took a turn for the worse for him. Liam had been adopted and the shy fellow was settling into life in a forever home when he slipped out of his new families car in Grayslake. Now, volunteers are working on finding Liam as the search is on to find the little black Chihuahua so he can start his new life all over again.

Liam blossomed in foster care and had just started to settle into his forever home.

Liam blossomed in foster care and had just started to settle into his forever home.

Liam had been adopted just two short weeks prior to his escape at the Shell Station at Route 83 and Center in Grayslake on May 15th. Now, the rescuers that initially had given this sweet dog a second chance have been hitting the pavement around that area in hopes of luring this scared dog back to safety.

His initial story started in January when he and eight other Chihuahuas were dropped off at Chicago Animal Care and Control. He had bit wounds on his head and body and was eventually adopted by a rescue group called Perfect Pooches Adoption Agency in Romeoville. Colleen Collins, the founder of the rescue, took him in and started the long road of nursing Liam back to health.

"Liam was extremely shy and timid with new people and situations," says Collins. "However, through months of rehabilitation, Liam recovered from his physical wounds and was making great strides in his emotionally recovery. Dozens of people who had followed Liam’s story through our rescue were so overjoyed that the shy, kind chihuahua had just been adopted to a wonderful family."

Liam 4_optThen, in mid-May, he slipped out of his new family's car while they were at the Shell station in Grayslake. Collins, who fostered Liam for his 4 month rehabilitation, says he is very shy and skittish, but is not aggressive. Due to his past trauma and fear of strangers, he is guessed to be in deep hiding making finding Liam more difficult.

If you live in that area, Collins is asking people to check their garages, sheds, under decks and in window wells for Liam. Please contact 630-664-8865 immediately to report any sightings, including a description of where the dog was and where he was headed.

It is very important that you do not try to catch him or call him as that may scare him and cause him to run in fear and into danger. Here are some tips for catching a shy or timid dog from a past post I wrote for another publication.

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