About Prince Charming, a bloggers tale

About Prince Charming, a bloggers tale

On Tuesday, I wrote a blog post featuring the story of Prince Charming - a stray that had come into Chicago Animal Care and Control that was euthanized when a rescue was on the way to pull him. I had reached out to the rescue organization involved to discuss the story after a debate ensued over Chicago's change in the stray hold laws. What neither of us knew at the time was that Prince Charming was FeLV+ and he had begun to fade fast. When he started to labor to breathe, the decision was made to euthanize him. (Response from Tree House.)

I have a 20+ year relationship with Tree House - the rescue that was in the process of pulling Prince Charming. I reached out to Jenny Schlueter, someone I consider a friend, to discuss the situation. Jenny and I often discuss topics and brainstorm while both of us do more digging. Because I have such respect for the work they do and because so many cats are on borrowed time with out the extra drama, I have always been immensely careful about what I post and clarifying what is on and off the record.

Last night, I talked to Jenny and wrote a post. Instead of sitting on it for a day to get more solid information, I did hit publish. I went to bed and then headed off to work where I spent a day on the run and in and out of meetings. During the day, one of my closest sources on the cat transfer team at CACC reached out to me with the rest of the story for Prince Charming. As everything came to light, I heard from Jenny and we both went to work this evening to set the record straight.

I take great pride in this blog and as a former journalist, I tend to error on the side of caution more often than not. When we both got to the bottom of the situation, I felt like Jenny, that in my heart of hearts, we needed to explain the back story so as not to jeopardize any cat rescue efforts by Tree House or anyone else at CACC. In the past several years, the cat transfer team and rescues big and small have had a huge impact on diminishing the number of cats needlessly euthanized in our community.

I've worked hard to stay away from the drama and to be extra diligent when writing about cat rescue. I may write about puppy mills more than anything, but since I was little, I have been and always will be a cat rescuer at heart. I hope this situation opens up a dialog on both sides of the aisle that can help us make some changes and change the process so that we are all able to save the lives of more cats. As I said before...time will tell.

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