Hit by a car: Wagging Hearts Rescue rolls the dice for Reno's survival

Hit by a car: Wagging Hearts Rescue rolls the dice for Reno's survival
Reno is puppy fighting for her life after being hit by a car.

Puppies should get a chance to be puppies. It seems like a simple enough concept. After all, puppies are bouncy and cuddly and full of tons of life. That’s why it’s so heartbreaking when something happens to a puppy – like Reno – that may cut her young life so very, very short. Now, this stray puppy who was hit by a car is fighting for survival.

Reno was dropped off at Waukegan Animal Control by someone who said they accidently hit her with their car. This sweet, beautiful girl who’s believed to be about 9 to 10 months old immediately went to the hospital under the care of Wagging Hearts Rescue. That is when her sad story became more heartbreaking.

Reno had been hit by a car. But, her wounds had a deep tissue infection – the kind that takes between 5 to 7 days to set in. Her vets suggest that Reno had been hit almost a week earlier and left with no medical attention in that time frame. Now, she is in the fight for her life as she needs to fight off an infection before any of the real work can begin on helping Reno recover.

Reno is in a hospital being treated for her extensive injuries.

Reno is in a hospital being treated for her extensive injuries.

It’s estimated that if Reno makes it past the next several days, she may need months of hospitalization and care to clear the infection and to get the skin grafts needed. Her total medical bills could top $4,000 to $6,000. Her other injuries include an enlarged heart and gapping hole in her chest. That means it will be awhile before she’s stable enough to survive surgery.

The rescue that saved Reno – Wagging Hearts Rescue – is the same group that has stepped up for some very special dogs lately (Dandy and Jack Sparrow, to name just two). They are now working along with WAGS (Waukegan Animals Getting Saved) to raise the funds needed to care for her to see if she’s going to survive.

Reno's condition is being monitored closely in hopes that her heart will hold out. During that time, Wagging Hearts will also be watching her closely to help assess her potential to survive and thrive for a good quality of life. Their hope is that Reno's infection will be cleared up by July 5th so her first skin grafts can be completed. According to the rescue -

Right now she is on 5 different antibiotics to clear up the infections as well as medication to reduce her enlarged heart. They put her under a semi deep (twilight) sleep to clean her injuries and patch the hole in her heart cavity wall. So far this seems to be working. We can only go day by day. I am told that if her infections get worse she may not have any chance of survival.

Reno has a severe infection along with her extensive injuries.

Reno has a severe infection along with her extensive injuries.

They may need to decide at that time that it’s in her best interest to say good bye to Reno. All the treatment she needs may be too much for her heart and little soul to survive. If you’d like to help the rescue with her medical bills, you may pitch in online here. Also, follow Wagging Hearts Facebook page to see other ways to help the rescue with the many veterinary bills their cases have incurred lately.

Hopefully, this sweet dog has the youthful exuberance and fight to overcome all her odds to survive the treatments that she needs. Then, Reno may catch up on being a puppy by making up for lost time.

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