Becoming that crazy cat guy

Becoming that crazy cat guy
Selena has magic powers- like converting wayward dog folk into cat people.

June is Adopt-a-Cat Month. I've reached out to fellow rescuers and ChicagoNow bloggers to do guest posts on how they have been inspired by their cat (or cats). My first guest submission is from fellow Blogger David Quinn who writes "The Quinn-tes-sen-tial" for ChicagoNow and follow him on Facebook.

By David Quinn

Before I start this post, I should first apologize. You see, I feel bad sometimes because I have the most awesome cat in the Universe. Sometimes, my cat is so awesome that I shed tears for all the other cats having to be measured up against her.

You see, my cat, much like the great Annie, came from abandonment. She was born a feral cat out on the means streets of Chicago. Though she could easily had been forgotten had she not been rescued, my partner’s co-worker stumbled upon her next to a dumpster on a crisp Spring morning.

Though she was missing half of her rear left leg and was full of worms, she had the potential to be a beautiful, healthy cat.  It was that potential that led the co-worker and the staff at TLC First Animal Hospital in Chicago to try to find her a home.

Selena is this adorable kitten that converted fellow blogger David Quinn into a cat dude.

Selena is this adorable kitten that converted fellow blogger David Quinn into a cat dude.

During that search for home, my partner, Kyle, volunteered to let her stay with us so that he could watch her and make sure there was nothing wrong with her. Since she had to be fed and medicated for worms regularly, leaving her at the Clinic when no one was there, was not a preferred option.

So, on June 13, 20143, Kyle text me asking if I minded if we fostered a cat. Though I was not a cat fan, I said it would be okay as long as it was only for a short period. He assured me it would be.

That evening, he walked in the door with a crate that contained a little matted-up bundle of fur that knew only how to hiss and hide.

I tried all evening to get her to play with me, but she was way too scared. I felt so sorry for her because I could see that she was completely terrified and no clue what was going on with her.

Fortunately, we already had a cat named Cleatus that belonged to Kyle before I met him. Cleatus and I got along and played well with each other, but I was still far from a fan of cats. However, Cleatus took it upon himself to help the foster cat realize that we were good people.

Starting on that first night, Kyle, Cleatus, and I would lay in the floor with the foster cat and try to get her to play with us. Cleatus would bathe her, and we would try to pet her while we fed her.

I think David talks about his cat Selena more than I talk about's why we get along so well.

I think David talks about his cat Selena more than I talk about's why we get along so well.

It was about the third night of doing this that she quit treating us like terrifying monsters, and instead knew that when she was hungry, she could come to us.

This went on for a couple of weeks. Every day, she got a bit braver and bit more adventeurous. Her favorite places in the house were the bathroom, foyer, and closets. She loved to hide, but she knew to come out to get regular pettings and food.

One way or another, during this growing and nurturing thing, she started bonding with me. She would follow me everywhere, sleep next to me, and even make sure she was touching me when laying on the sofa.

It was July 5, 2014, two days after my 34th birthday, that Selena had to go in to TLC First to make sure that she was worm free and everything else was going alright with her.

Though she had gone to the clinic several times in the past few weeks, driving her on this date was hard. She wouldn’t stop meowing and she kept sticking her paw through the crate trying to grab my hand. When I opened the crate while at a red light, she crawled up my shirt and laid her head on my shoulder.

Who needs cat toys...this will do for Selena!

Who needs cat toys...this will do for Selena!

That did it! Right then! She was mine.

When we arrived at TLC First, the staff told me needed to make flyers to find the foster cat a home. I informed them that there was no need because she already had a home. Also, she was no longer a foster cat, her new name was Selena Gomez Horn-Quinn, damn you Selena and your catchy tunes of 2013.

Now, here we are on the cusp of her 1 year anniversary with us, and I have to admit that I am totally a cat person now. Selena and Cleatus are both on me constantly. They sleep in our bed, beg for food, and demand constant attention.

Selena, always trying to be more adorable than the day before, loves to give kisses on the nose. She also loves to bite, but that’s another story. Luckily, for the most part, her kisses and her bites come at separate times.

I now spend more time at PetCo than I do at BestBuy, and I think the amount of cat toys in my house outnumber the amount of cat hairs. Of course, I also couldn’t be happier with either of those things.

Ellie wants this app on my Kindle.

Ellie wants this app on my Kindle.

We own a Samsung Smart TV that we used to watch television on, but now we mostly play the Aquarium Channel so the cats can watch the fish swim buy. Selena, who got her love of technology from me, loves to play on the Kindle and on my Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. Any time I get up, she jumped on my Note Pro and starts pawing at the screen. Matter-of-fact, the Kindles actually have apps on them just for her, as evidenced in the pictures.

As you can guess, Selena loves attention from Kyle and I, but she also loves to play with her brother Cleatus. Occasionally, she’ll torment her two canine brothers, Nibbler and Zander, but mostly, she just wants them to stay out of her way.

To say I have come full circle in the world of cats is an understatement. Selena has changed me forever. Heck, I now have to stop myself from buying every cat thing ever made. Kyle also has to stop me from adopting every cat that needs a home. I am one bad decision away from becoming a crazy cat guy.

Of course, I couldn’t get too many other cats, because I think Selena would get jealous.

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