A love letter to Millie

A love letter to Millie
I just love Millie who inspires me in so many ways.

It's a blogapalooza challenge. One night each month the ChicagoNow bloggers participate in Blogapalooza - one hour, one topic, one blog post. Tonight, we need to write a love letter...but not to a person. It can be a place, a thing or an animal...ummm. It sounds like a great time to write my love letter to Millie.

Dear Millie,

It was a little over a year ago I first noticed you on Facebook. My friend Cari went to volunteer at the National Mill Dog Rescue and started to post pictures of you. I just knew that you'd soon have a new home, a very good home. You started your life in a puppy mill and lived a long, long time in a little cage, giving birth to litter after litter of puppies. You never played, never felt love.

Darling millie_optOne day, you got your freedom ride thanks to the National Mill Dog Rescue.

Shortly after that, my friend found you. Since then, I've been watching in amazement at your little victories - meeting the boys (your canine brothers), finding out what a bed is, playing in the yard.

I'm amazed at each story that Cari tells - the normal, everyday things that most dogs have done their whole life. For you, it's a party.

You have achieved a lot already. You may be just a few pounds of white fur, but you've inspired so many. You've done a stint on TV on an educational interview on puppy mills. You have become a spokesdog for The Puppy Mill Project, a group your new mom founded. You are making things happen in you're own little way.

Thanks to you, there is a Millie's Rescue Mission - a fund that has been specifically set up to help rescues and shelters take in puppy mill dogs. You see, The Puppy Mill Project isn't a rescue, but they do hear from groups all the time that want to rescue puppy mill dogs but don't have the funding to do it. It takes a lot of money to help out dogs once they've been rescued from mills. They have a lot of health issues and need extra special love.

Thanks to your story, there have been donations and the fund is growing.

You also have inspired change.

This year, Chicago outlawed the sale of puppy mill dogs in pet stores. Cook County soon followed suit and other communities are considering similar laws. You may not have been in the room or calling aldermen, but you were without a doubt the inspiration behind the new laws. Your story and others like yours have motivated many people.

Now that you've been free for a year, I look forward to hearing even more about how you have found a new joy in just being a dog. And when your rescue mission takes off later this year, we'll all be inspired in ways we never thought possible.

We love you Millie - thanks for being our inspiration.

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