After 7 years, senior shelter cat has found a home

Imagine wanting your own space for a little peace and quiet. Imagine just wanting to be your own girl, your own star of the show but you have a room full of other cats all day, all the time. This was Robin Lane’s story for seven years as she waited and waited and waited at Tree House Humane Society for a place to call her own. Now, this senior shelter cat has found a home.

Robin Lane had started life in a home with a very loving person. However, she lost her home when that person moved into assisted living. After being an only cat, cherished in her home. A shelter like Tree House was overwhelming for her. It made it so hard for her to get adopted.

“She wasn’t making a great impression because she was so standoffish in a room with all those cats,” says Claire Guyer. “I have a studio and when I came into Tree House in September, I didn’t want a kitten, but wanted to find a sweet older cat that needed her own place. Robin Lane was having such a hard time and she was such a wonderful cat.”

Gertrude Stein has settled in quite nicely into her new home,

Gertrude Stein has settled in quite nicely into her new home. After waiting 7 years at Tree House, this senior shelter cat has found a home.

Guyer fell in love and when she adopted her special grand dame, she decided to give Robin Lane a full fresh start – new name and all. She started to think of matronly women who had been part of writing or the theater for inspiration.

“Gertrude Stein just seemed to fit her – so much more than Robin Lane,” says Guyer. “She is a bit of a surrealist. And, like her namesake she really has a lot to say and is interested in people that come to visit, but on her own terms. She has settled in so well after being out of her element for so long.”

Tales like this are not uncommon. So many cats that have been loved and done well in a home have a very hard time settling in when they end up in shelters. In a room full of cats outgoing cats that have settled in much better, these cats are overlooked again and again. Their wait for a home stretches from months to years until someone takes a chance.

“It must have been such a tough transition for her to move into a shelter,” says Guyer. “When I brought her home, it took her awhile to get out of her crate but she slept in my bed the first night. She’s made my home very cozy this winter because Trudie is such a big lap sitter. It’s nice to have a fuzzy buddy around.”

Claire and Gertrudeopt

Gertrude Stein and Claire Guyer settling in. In a short time, this senior cat overwhelmed in a shelter has blossomed in a home.

The beauty of a no kill shelter like Tree House is that cats have a home until they find a home. If it takes a few hours or seven years, a cat has the time to make that connection. And, those adopted out always have a place to return. When the Claire Guyers walk in looking for a cat with a little more character, there are many of them to chose from.

“A kitten will develop into a great cat and that is a joy,” says Guyer. “To see an older cat develop and come out of their shell has been remarkable. You could only see glimpse in the shelter of this cat. Since she’s relaxed, she rubs up against my legs and it’s been so special. And, she can be so animated.”

I know that feeling so well. My incredibly bossy, but very loving calico was terrified of her own shadow at the shelter. Her goofy brother picked my husband and she came along for the ride (it’s as if he knew I have an addiction to bonded pairs). You can check out the cats available at Tree House Humane Society online and follow them on Facebook.

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