Rescue dog lost at Midway now safe and sound

Rescue dog lost at Midway now safe and sound
Madison, the dog that slipped from her harness at Midway, has been found and is safe.

A rescued Doberman mix that slipped a harness at Midway airport during a transport mission has been found. Volunteers and residents around Midway had been searching for Madison since Friday. The rescue dog lost at Midway is now with Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus after her frightening adventure thanks to the work of a good Samaritan.

See update below - help needed for veterinary fund.

Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus and many neighbors in the area surrounding Midway posted hundreds of fliers in the area.

Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus and many neighbors in the area surrounding Midway posted hundreds of fliers in the area.

Madison’s whole story started to unfold Friday at Midway. Madison had been arrived at Midway after being flown from Texas. She was spooked by the airplane noise while being moved to a car for her ride to rescue in Wisconsin and slipped from her harness and escaped. From that point on, the search was on for the missing rescue dog.

Yesterday, a woman living on the Southside found the frightened dog and coaxed her into her garage. She gave her a warm spot to stay in her home. During a morning trip to the grocery store, she saw one of the many fliers that had been posted since Madison escaped. She then called Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus with the news that she’d found the dog. According to the group's Facebook page.

She is a little thin and confused. She has a ripped pad on a foot, but she has a hearty appetite. She is sleeping and snoring now. Thank you to everyone who shared her story and posted her flier. We could not have found her without all of your help.

“Since Friday, the response from everyone in the area has been amazing,” says Lauren Kelliher, Vice President of IDR+. “Lots of people involved with rescue, or caring people who live in the area, have been putting up hundreds of fliers near Midway and talking to people. When we had the sighting on Saturday, dozens of people braved the snow and went down to the area to look. Other rescues shared her story to get the word out.”

Madison has now eaten and is resting comfortably. She's been transported to Wisconsin.

Madison has now eaten and is resting comfortably. She's resting here while a safe and secure transport is set for the trip to Wisconsin.

Since shortly after Madison’s escape, there has been a huge effort to get the word out about the lost scared dog. Mainstream media carried the story and as volunteers combed the area around Midway, neighborhood residents stepped in to pass out fliers and help out. A $1,000 reward was being offered for the return of the dog. That reward is now reportedly n the way to the woman who found Madison.

“The initial media coverage on Friday made so many people aware of her. We received a dozen calls of people seeing her earlier but not realizing she was a lost rescue dog,” added Kelliher. “There are so many stray and loose dogs in the city that people didn't think anything of a scared and running dog when they saw her on Friday until the media coverage hit.”

They also worked with Lost Dogs Illinois on a plan. Her story is so remarkable because she came so far only to become lost again at the airport.  Now, Madison is safe and warm and resting here before finally headed to the true end of her journey in Wisconsin.

Update on Madison: After her little adventure, Madison had a good night’s sleep on a pile of blankets and for the first time in three days. Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus took her into the vet today and found out that her L-7 was in two pieces. He was amazed that she could wag her tail and warned that she could be paralyzed at any time.

An orthopedic surgeon met with the rescue today and decided she would be a good candidate for surgery. Because of the concern for her back, it was decided that Madison would stay here and IDR+ would take her in (this was cleared with both other rescues). The estimated cost for the surgery was $3,000. A donation fund has been set up to help pay for her surgery.

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