Animal House Shelter warmed by donations in heat crisis

Animal House Shelter warmed by donations in heat crisis
The Animal House Shelter in Huntley hopes the heat will be back on Saturday.

Hopefully, the floor heaters will be back on again tomorrow at the Animal House Shelter in Huntley. The boiler that heated the floors in the dog kennels went out with the bitter cold starting to set in. The call went out today (Friday) for donations from the community for blankets and heaters to help keep the dogs warm.  The response was overwhelming.

Story update - Heat is on thanks to donation by Black Diamond Plumbing & Mechanical.

The shelter reports that donations of coats, blankets and heaters came in to help keep the dogs in their care comfortable until that boiler can be fixed. The other heaters in the building were not effected by the outage. Donations are being accepted online to pay for the boiler replacement,which is expected tomorrow. The organization provided the following update -

We just want you to know how much it meant to all of us that you reacted so quickly on such a miserable day, driving in the snow to bring everything! All of the dogs are bundled in jackets & sweaters with a lot of extra bedding. We were careful to make sure that radiators were the ones left on for the night so we don't have a safety hazard. Our heat is working. It is the floor hate (boiler) that is out. We have always had heated floors for the dogs in the kennels and once that went out the floors became cold very fast. With all of the extra bedding, they will be fine for the night and we are hoping to get a new boiler put in tomorrow to get the floor heat back up and going.

The No-Kill shelter needs to raise $4,000 to pay for a new boiler to heat the flooring area in the kennels.

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