What's your excuse? Free spays and neuters for Waukegan cats

What's your excuse? Free spays and neuters for Waukegan cats
For the next two weeks, Spay & Stay is offering free Spay & Neuter services for Waukegan cats.

The fix is in throughout Waukegan and if you have a cat, you no longer have an excuse to not have your cat fixed. For the next two weeks, Spay & Stay will be offering free spays and neuters for all cats living in Waukegan - house cats, indoor/outdoor cats, strays and ferals. If you've not taken the step to have your cat spayed or neutered so they don't produce more kittens, for the next two weeks Waukegan residents may have their kitties fixed for free...yes, free.

Spay & Stay has had a grant to fix the feral and stray cats in Waukegan - part of their Fixin' Waukegan program. And, there is money left at the end of the year for them to fix 150 more cats for free for the next two weeks. So, if you live in Waukegan and haven't had your own cat fixed, there's no longer an excuse. Yep, free equals lack of good excuse in my book any day of the week.

Why have your cat fixed?

  • Your cat will no longer be producing litters of kittens (as a momma or poppa). Fewer kittens mean fewer homeless cats and fewer kitties getting euthanized for lack of a home.
  • If you have a female cat, it means she will no longer go into heat any longer (isn't that yowl the most fun and exciting thing you've had to listen to as a cat person).
  • If you have a male that is an indoor/outdoor cat, there is less of a need for him to roam to act out on his hormones.
  • If you have a male cat this is marking in the house, this also helps.
  • If you are caring for outdoor kitties - ferals or strays - it does all of the above and stabilizes your feral kitty or stray cat population and keeps your colony numbers steady instead of growing.
  • Spaying and neutering also is the healthy thing to do - your female cat will no longer be at risk for the cancers that could plague all her lady parts.

There are many, many great reasons to do this. So, call Spay & Stay at 847-548-1980 and leave them a voice message identifying yourself as a Waukegan resident and you'd like to get your cat fixed for free through the program. They'll call you right back and get the ball rolling.

So, what's your excuse?

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