From puppy mill to home: The New Life of Riley

From puppy mill to home: The New Life of Riley
This is Riley when rescued with her rescuer - Miss Jenny.

During the holiday season, I've asked my rescue friends and contacts to share their heartwarming stories involving pets that they've rescued or adopted. Today's post was submitted by Riley - a dog rescued in the first Harley to the Rescue run this year conducted by the National Mill Dog Rescue. She now lives in Oklahoma with five other dogs and runs her own Facebook page to educate about puppy mills.

By Riley of The National Mill Dog Rescue

My name is Riley, I'm a Toy Fox Terrier. I was born in a puppy mill in Kansas, I lived in a cage for 6 1/2 years, forced to have puppies for pet stores. I did not have a name then, just a number. Until I  was saved by National Mill Dog Rescue, Miss Teresa, Harley and Teddy on May 20th, 2013. I was so scared and everyone was so kind. Harley told my mom when she adopted me, that they named me Riley to give me courage, because it is an Irish name that means, Courageous!

Riley was rescued during the first Harley to the Rescue - Dogs saving dogs!

Riley was rescued during the first Harley to the Rescue - Dogs saving dogs!

After I was rescued, I was taken to the NMDR shelter, where my health was evaluated and I received the care I needed. Mill dogs always have health and dental issues when they are rescued. The Vet said I got 2 broken bones while I was in the puppy mill and no one took care of me, so they they healed wrong. I have a crooked leg, but I can still walk, run, jump, and climb. This doesn't stop me. The shelter took wonderful care of me.

On May 31st, I went to live with my foster family, I was scared when I went to live with my foster family, I didn't know what to expect, I had never known love and kindness. My foster mom, Miss Kim showed me love and kindness, took wonderful care of me and taught me how to trust and love and be loved.

My mom filled out an application, and was chosen to adopt me and on Monday, August 5th, she drove from Oklahoma to Salina, Kansas to the "Flying J Truck Stop" and met Miss Teresa and her rescue vans on their way to Missouri on another Rescue Mission, when they stopped to get gas and food. Mom talked to Miss Teresa, signed the papers, and met me!

I fell asleep in my carseat on the ride to m home in Oklahoma.

I fell asleep in my carseat on the ride to m home in Oklahoma.

We got in Mom's car and took off for Oklahoma, she told me she knew I was rescued from a terrible puppy mill in Kansas, and that we were turning our backs on Kansas and heading to my forever home in Oklahoma  and never looking back!! Mom even had a comfy car seat for me to ride in, I fell asleep and slept most of the way.

When we got to my new home, I met my sister and brothers, and they were all Toy Fox Terriers, just like me!! My sissy Itsy and I bonded right away, she really was glad to have a sissy after being the only girl with 3 brothers, Peanut, Chico, and Petey! I like my brothers too, they are teaching me how to dig for moles and roll in stinky stuff. My pack is teaching me how to be a dog!

We all sleep in the bed with Mom, and we all have comfy pillows and blankies, mom is teaching me about belly rubs too!! We have really good nutritious food, and lots of fresh water to drink!! We have treats too, but they are healthy!

3 Riley and Friends_opt

From left to right, Petey, Itsy, Riley, Chico and Peanut on the ottoman.

By the way, mom didn't change my name, she loves the name Riley! My full name is Riley Thornton! How's that for an Irish name;) My mom started a Facebook page for me called "The New Life of Riley."

We want to make people aware of puppy mills. Mom says she was surprised how many people don't even know what they are! We want to educate people about puppy mills and encourage people to adopt and not shop! We are also having fun taking pictures and videos to share my life, my mom said we all are so happy to be together!5 New Life of Riley_opt

My wish for Christmas is that all puppy mills will be shut down, and all the puppies will find forever homes! Thank You for letting me tell my story!

xo Riley

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